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Come and meet some of the BEST Real Estate investors in the Houston area!

At this local Real Estate Investing Group, we will discuss properties on the market, contracts, mortgages and much more

Networking brings you properties & deals...

We provide networking and education for real estate investors in the Houston Area.

Everyone is welcome:

• Rookie Real Estate Investors

• Veteran Real Estate Investors

• LandLords

• Realtors

• Business Owners

• Property Managers

• Contractors

• Handyman

• Rehabbers

• Hard Money Lenders/ Private Money Lenders

• Fix and Flip Investors

• Buy and Hold Investors

Networking is welcome and encouraged!!

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Be Your Own Bank and Take Back Control

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We invite you to join our exclusive Webinar with Chris Naugle where he will be explaining everything you need to know on how to be your own bank and take back control!

Your parents, whether directly, or indirectly through their own financial habits, good or bad is where most of your financial literacy comes from. And they learned from those who have come before them. So over time, it becomes a game of telephone, somewhere along the line the message becomes a bit unclear or skewed.

Chris grew up poor but there was always something inside him steadfast in changing that for the future of my family to come. Over the past 20 years, he learned what the wealthy do, and what they do is as simple as changing 1 thing. 1 thing can change the legacy of an entire family.

To learn more join this free webinar on June the 30th at 5.00 PM CT!
Register here for free: https://realestateiq.zoom.us/webinar/register/4916558175567/WN_klk1nc9mQJaxTjSMZawy0w

About the speaker:

Chris Naugle is the founder and CEO of The Money School. The Money School teaches you to Be Your Own Bank - which helps you solve your money problem, by putting you back in control of your money.

Lifestyle Freedom - Every Landlord needs a system

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We invite you to join our exclusive webinar with Adrian Smude where he will be explaining why every landlord needs a system!

This allows you to spend more time with your family and friends. The right system helps your deals become more profitable! Adrian Smude will be sharing the system that allows him the freedom to keep long-term tenants and stay out of trouble with fair housing.

In this session you will learn:

-The 4-step process to be a Full-Time Landlord on Part-Time work.
- How to encourage non-qualified applicants to never apply.
-Find your avatar tenant and more!

If you start with the end in mind you are able to build a rental business that serves your lifestyle. Join us on July the 5th at 12.00 PM CT to start building your Lifestyle Freedom! Register here for free!

About the speaker:

Adrian Smude has been investing in real estate since he became an accidental landlord in 2002. Finally, after 11 years of being a hobby landlord, he discovered his true passion in real estate investing through attending REIA meetings.

Adrian found the key to his success in an untapped gold mine – Mobile Homes. He switched his investing niche to Mobile Homes with Land.

How to Structure Your Wholesale Business in a Changing Market

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We invite you to join our exclusive webinar with Chris Jefferson where he is going to break down what his business looks like based on 12 years of experience in her current market!

Don't lose this opportunity and participate on July the 7th at 12.00 PM CT to learn everything you need to know on how to structure your Wholesale Business in a Changing Market.

Register here and save your place!

About the speaker:

Chris Jefferson is one of the top Wholesale Real Estate coaches in the country and has taught thousands of his students how to invest in real estate and build a business that can invest in any market.

He has over 12+ years of real estate experience everything from flipping, wholesaling, and rental investing, and is focused on teaching his students how to start, grow, and scale a real estate business regardless of market conditions.

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How To Crush The Probate Market

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