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We provide networking and education for real estate investors in the Houston Area.

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• Hard Money Lenders/ Private Money Lenders

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• Buy and Hold Investors

Networking is welcome and encouraged!!

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Multifamily Investing for Beginners Series

Online event

Grow Your Wealth Using Multifamily Investing! Investing in Multifamily properties, whether it is on a small or large scale, can be a lucrative business if you have extensive knowledge to find and analyze an investment opportunity. However, many investors have trouble getting started or transitioning to multifamily from single-family investments. In this new webinar series with Joseph James, the Founder of ROI-Muse, a Company that Provides Tools and Training for Real Estate Investors and Agents, will give us the winning lessons from basic topics such as finding and analyzing deals, to the most advanced topics such as due diligence, structuring partnerships, managing multifamily property, performing target yield analysis, and more! Join him every Thursday of October (1, 8, 15, 22, and 29), 2020, at 12 PM Central Time, for another LIVE real estate investing for beginners and experienced professionals webinar series! https://realestateiq.co/event/how-to-do-real-estate-investing-for-beginners-10-22-2020/ Learn the basic concept of Multifamily business and how it works: Tips and tricks on how to effectively find and analyze Multifamily real estate deals How to do due diligence? The best ways to structure partnerships Techniques on how you can manage Multifamily property What are target yield analysis and its benefits How to grow your wealth using Multifamily investment Topics every week that you should not miss: Week 1: Fundamentals of Multifamily Investing Week 2: How to Find Multifamily Deals Week 3: How to Analyze Multifamily Deals Week 4: Multifamily Due Diligence and Management Week 5: How to Structure Deals using Other People's Money About the Speaker: Joseph James Joseph James is the founder and President of ROI-Muse, a company that provides Systems, Tools, and Education for Real Estate Investors and Agents He is a well experienced real estate investor, developer, and coach for single-family, multifamily, and commercial real estate investments Joseph is the Commercial Advisor of Real Estate IQ Joseph is the Director of Sales at 2020 Commercial Group, a Commercial Real Estate Company based in the Dallas Fort Worth area Date: October 22, 2020 Time: 12:00 PM Central Time Sign up Now! https://realestateiq.co/event/how-to-do-real-estate-investing-for-beginners-10-22-2020/

Deal Finding 101: MLS Deal Finding Training for Successful Investing

Discover the killer techniques to dominate MLS Deals while you’re at home! Despite the impact of Coronavirus, the real estate industry was able to bounce back and managed to surpass the threats. The challenge for many investors nowadays is on how to fully take advantage of MLS (Multiple Listing Service), and find the best deals in the market, while we are still under the community quarantine. To share with you the most effective ways to dominate MLS Deals, the power duo and Real Estate IQ’s Market Leader for Houston Operations, Becky Kromminga will join forces once again for another FREE online real estate course that you shouldn't miss! Becky and Kevin will teach you Real Estate IQ’s technologies you can use and the top strategies on how you can dominate the market! Join us on October 22, 2020, at 2 PM Central Time, to learn more about MLS Deals! https://realestateiq.co/event/key-to-be-successful-in-deal-finding-10-22-2020/ Topics to be discussed in this webinar: What is MLS or Multiple Listing Service Deals? Tips and tricks on how to dominate MLS Deals Discover the strategies on how you can be an expert in Deal finding Tools and techniques you can use to easily find MLS Deals About the Speaker: Becky Kromminga Real Estate IQ’s Market Leaders for Houston Operations. This power duo loves to apply their skills as former Teachers and Educational Researchers to Real Estate Investing. Have experience with buy and hold, wholesaling, flipping, subject to. Sign up Now! https://realestateiq.co/event/key-to-be-successful-in-deal-finding-10-22-2020/

Real Estate Investing Hot Trends

Online event

You may be wondering if real estate investing is right for you but you have no idea where to start. Learn as Maxwell Lee, the founder of Global Network, FIREWalking Journey, and the co-host of the Urban Files Podcast shares the many mistakes he made on his path to early retirement through real estate investing. He will share some of the tips he wishes someone told him when he first began investing in real estate. FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) is not a dream but a journey. https://realestateiq.co/event/real-estate-hot-trends-10-22-2020/ About the Speaker: In 2013, Maxwell Lee, with his wife Kelly, co-founded Glocal Network, a real estate investment company. They live in Miami, Florida, and live by the FIRE principle, which stands for Financially Independent Retire Early. He manages aspects of their rental portfolio, and happily share advice regarding the overall process, asset classes, joint venture agreements, markets, submarkets, and so forth. Maxwell is now following his wife’s lead and pursuing other passions like music and content creation for youtube channel and his website at firewalkingjourney.com Glocal Network: https://firewalkingjourney.com/glocal/ Firewalking Journey: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWbbTmC60LawXGdv6Z2gbpA Urban Files: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theurbanfiles/ Date: October 22, 2020 Time: 5:00 PM Central Time Sign up Now! https://realestateiq.co/event/real-estate-hot-trends-10-22-2020/

The ‘i’ in Team: Vulnerability in UX

Online event

Learn the core principles of successful leadership! What you will learn in this online event: Encouraging productivity by relying on other people Enabling openness to feedback by considering it a gift Fostering adaptability via normalizing failure Enhancing collaboration by challenging goes Facilitating the choice to trust as a way to achieve common goals Being productive, a problem-solver, a collaborative, a team-player, and adaptable; these are the things expected from UX practitioners. As leaders, we spend time choosing the right frameworks and methodologies to drive better outcomes. But we often forget that it takes a particular mindset to work together towards those outcomes. In this online workshop with the Systems Engineer and UX Strategist, Paco Guirfa will present the core principles of improvisation from the perspective of vulnerability as a powerful skill that can guarantee successful leadership in all aspects of user experience design! Join us on October 22, 2020, at 6 PM Central Time, for another online real estate course with Real Estate IQ! https://realestateiq.co/event/vulnerability-in-ux-design-10-22-2020/ About the Speaker: Paco Giurfa Paco Giurfa is a System Engineer and UX Strategist from Peru residing in Dallas, Texas He specializes in systems thinking, accessibility and DesignOps Paco has also developed techniques to improve workplace collaboration through improv comedy learnings Date: October 22, 2020 Time: 6:00 PM Central Time Sign up Now! https://realestateiq.co/event/vulnerability-in-ux-design-10-22-2020/

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