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We aim to establish an in-person social community to share tips, tricks, files, and presets, form collaborations, chat it up and just have a great time making music together and supporting each other. All too often producers are stuck with the challenge of doing everything themselves, we're here to inspire and work with each other. Just getting started? Don't have Flstudio? We've chosen FlStudio as our platform as it's relatively inexpensive compared to most music production software packages and very well supported. If you're just getting started and not doing sampling/slicing (not the most original thing to do anyhow!), the $100 basic edition almost certainly has everything you need. I'd also highly recommend Cakewalk's Z3ta2 waveshaper software synthesizer, which goes on sale for $50 a couple of times a year and is more powerful and flexible than most $200 softsynths I've seen/heard. Feel free to bring/use other DAWs, though.

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