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*** RSVPs here/Meetup.com do NOT count as Meetup does NOT have what we need (e.g., your food choice)

1) Per Google's request, I/Valentino launched this meetup with the support of HCCUG.org™ (effective 2018 onwards) to offer our community NETWORKING & LEARNING OPPORTUNITY at no-charge, PLUS focus on Google's Cloud Compute/Platform. This group has access to 1.6K+members of HCCUG.org (1000+ on Meetup alone ~ http://www.meetup.com/Houston-Cloud-Computing-User-Group )

• This group launch dovetailed into HCCUG.org (Houston Cloud Computing User Group) (http://www.hccug.org) 10th anniversary new efforts (2008~2018). We thank Google for the continued support!

2) We are the ONLY Google-Approved GDG Cloud group for our Houston area (not the regular GDG Houston group) — verifiable directly on Google's site (https://cloud.google.com/community/meetups/) and also via the main Google GDG Meetup Site (https://www.meetup.com/pro/gdg/#groups) (this meetup site itself is provided via/by Google).

• This group's aliases are — (a) Houston Google Cloud User Group, (b) Houston Google Cloud, (c) Google Cloud Houston, (d) Houston GDG Cloud, and (e) GDG Cloud Houston.

3) ALL details of events are on www.hccug.org (http://www.hccug.org/) as HCCUG.org™ manages this meetup, and has sponsored EVERY GDG Cloud Houston event, either in-part or in-full and we are very thankful to HCCUG.org™, its Patron & Supporters.

RECOMMEND: visit HCCUG.org (http://www.hccug.org/) BEFORE you come ... as we all know "Life Happens"

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