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What we’re about

This group was started by Chuck Stansburge in 2011 to let the public know the TRUTH of UFO's and Abductions, etc. I have been interested for the last 40 yrs. I believe we should get together and talk about the experiences we've had and what we have seen. The reason for the group is to Investigate UFO's, Mutilations and to interview Abductees, if an Abductee or witness calls we will adhere to their wishes of privacy to their name and only what they want the public to know. All other information will be sealed. 

Houston MUFON Mission Statement is to scientifically investigate UFO's, ABDUCTIONS and other UFO PHENOMENA for the Benefit of Humanity. To get the truth to the world. In the Houston area there are many other organizations that have similar interest in the field of ufology. Houston MUFON Meetup has members who may belong to other organizations.

We welcome everyone to attend the MUFON Meetings.

Thank you

Steve Bates