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Reinforcement Learning 2019 Series I: Introduction to World of RL

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We are going to kick off our 2019 series in Reinforcement learning! In our first meetup, we are going to walk through the applications and important concepts in RL and a little bit history too! In our RL series, we shall follow the course of "Reinforcement Learning Explained" by Microsoft on Edx ( and the book "Reinforcement learning: An introduction" ( You can start learning by watching the lectures, trying out some experiments and reading the book. Come to the meetup with your questions! The first few sessions in RL series will be organized as follows: 1. Introduction to RL: Elements and History; 2. Multi-armed bandits; 3. Contextual bandits - LinUCB; 4. Markov decision process; 5. Basics of dynamic programming; 6. Temporal learning. We shall also have meetups about deep RL following. Feel free to contact the organizer if you'd love to lead one session or have some idea to share with the group! Speaker: Ahmet Hamza Emra, bachelor in computer science from North American University, working as a Data Analyst for an education firm. Research interest is Reinforcement learning, especially the Multi-agent systems.