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Please read this entire page before completing your application.

We require a recognizable FACE picture of you on your profile and the answers you give to the questions you get while applying, are visible to all other members.

Houston Male Eros (HME) is a community of open-minded gay and bi-sexual men. HME provides a chance to explore, learn, and grow in a safe, welcoming, and consensual environment. We believe that sexual energy can be a powerful tool for transformation, healing, solidifying relationships, and building community, and we develop that energy in fun events that are generally free or carry a small cost to cover expenses.

Touch: We host touch positive happening, from clothes-on snuggles, to skin to skin encounters, to sensual massage.

Sensation: The senses are the gateway to the brain, so we plan sensual feasts, naked yoga, dance parties, nature-oriented outings, concerts, and theater.

Sex: Events are developed around themes such as fetishes, BDSM, sex toys and good old vanilla sexuality. In some cases, demonstrations may be held.

HME welcomes men of legal age of consent. We want active, aware members who attend, plan or host events. We like to play together because we trust each other. To join, please read the guidelines below and thoughtfully fill out the questions for new members. We actually read your answers carefully and may decline applications based on inadequate answers.

What is Houston Male Eros?

HME is a community which regards all consensual expressions of sexuality as healthy, encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation, places an emphasis on informed consent and advocates sex education and risk-aware sex. HME makes no moral distinctions among types of sexual expression, orientation or identification, regarding these choices as matters of personal preference.

What does your group do?

We are a community of like-minded males using Meetup as a platform to hold events that promote the forming of a strong and well informed community of males who support each other in their endeavors to lead richer, fuller, sexier, lives. Our mission is to improve male to male relationships by embracing friendships, intimacy and sexual health. Most events fall into either the social, sensual, or sexual categories and will be held in private homes, public venues and in some cases public venues that have been rented out for the sole purpose of holding our event.

Orientation Meeting

After submitting your application for joining the group, unless you have been given special permission by an organizer, before attending your first event you will be required to attend a HME Orientation. This activity introduces our ideas and mission and explains how our events work. After orientation, if you are invited into the group, you may attend other events.

About Events

HME uses the Level system outlined by Sex-Positive World (HME is in no way related to SPW) and are coded Level 1 through Level 4.

Level One
Friendly, flirtatious, and playful, but non-sensual. Activities might include workshops, classes, meet and greets, book clubs, snuggling, eating, or dancing. No disrobing.

Level Two
Sensual, increasingly flirtatious, but not overtly sexual. Activities might include workshops or classes with nudity or live demonstrations, light touching, sexy dancing, massage, or kissing. Topless disrobing is optional.

Level Three
More overtly sexual. Activities might include intimate touch, playful exploration between individuals, couples, or groups. No genital play. May include full nudity.

Level Four
All consensual, safe activities are allowed, including penetrative sex. How Do I participate at Events?

At events you are expected be respectful of the boundaries of others and of the event, to take care of yourself, and honor your boundaries and agreements. Beyond that, anything else is up to you. You will never be expected to do anything you don't want to, or to interact with anyone you don’t wish to. But we do expect you to contribute to the vibe through positive social interaction. HME prides itself on being respectful, open communication, and being honest about your desires.

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