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This is the Houston Chapter of the group Kat Burson brought together in Minnesota during her 6+ years there. Minneapolis Paranormal Research Society or MPRS. They currently have over 1200 members at this time!

Due to a traumatic spinal injury, I relocated to be near my support group of family and friends in the Houston area in June of 2014. Beginning July 12, 2014 the first Meet Up of HPRS was held with paranormal topics and investigations being the focus.

We have found ways to meet the needs of many without limiting membership. This was and will always be a challenge but the benefits outweigh the struggles. HPRS will allow members with access to reportedly active sites, an opportunity to investigate with an experienced team simply by bringing the investigation to the group or building a relationship with the team through monthly meet up attendance. As time has gone on, a core team or several core teams have developed as well as new and Co Organizers. Kat moved to be closer to her family and friends on the west coast, where she is originally from, and has over the past year (2018) held events when she has traveled back or remotely through a co-organizer.

Kat will still be in touch with her group as she has many close and wonderful friends here in Houston; so essentially she still is and will be an active member as time allows. But to keep this group true to its founding, Jae Emery is taking reigns of 'the mother ship' HPRS. We will again have regularly scheduled monthly meetings.

We will also have workshops as Jae has become over the past several years a very proficient tarot reader and is an empath/intuitive. Other team members will also be tasked with helping hold informative workshops in addition to our monthly meetings and investigations.

We will hold "field trip" style investigations where many can attend. Most investigations require 4 to 9 team members. In addition, there will be a monthly meet up where we will discuss past investigations, up coming investigations, new equipment and techniques. With the last half reserved for discussing the paranormal experiences of our members.

Check the site for meet up dates. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss personal experiences, get feedback from others and grow in our understanding through sharing of those experiences.

As the new facilitator of this group I feel a huge responsibility to ensure that we continue to grow, learn and share experiences and benefit from each others knowledge and expertise. This has always been a very open, caring, compassionate and fun group - and we will continue to embrace the ideals which have made this groups what it is today in 2019!

I can't wait to see each and every one of you as we meet. If you have any questions, investigations or ideas to share, don't hesitate to reach out to me. I will respond as soon as possible!

Happy Hauntings!!


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