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Are you about to set out on a crowdfunding adventure? Do you have a charitable project you want to initiate? Or would you like to make tax deductible donations to charitable causes and projects you care about? Join me and like-minded visionaries and doers to share stories, pitches, and more over food, an open bar, and lots of fun.

We are a passionate community of pacesetters and empathic givers who care deeply about our communities. We support charitable projects to help new and emerging talents, startup entrepreneurs, and people in need, and more. We do not support the sale of things or political campaigns.

The main reason for creating this group is to foster a community of support and help members secure their minimum crowdfunding raise though small donations. We believe that through our collective strength we can accelerate change, and make positive impact.

Our group is backed by American Goodness, Inc., a 501(c)(3) philanthropic accelerator and fiscal sponsor for charitable projects. This sponsorship allows donors to claim tax deductions for their contributions to our projects, and for our members to raise tax-deductible funds for positive change through charitable causes. It also assures funders and others who invest in sponsored projects that their dollars are being accounted for and well managed. Projects sponsored by American Goodness vary in size, budget, and scope, but all share the desire to make a difference in our local communities, and in the lives of others.

Any member of this group can propose a project by messaging the administrators directly. Sponsored projects must have a charitable purpose, and align with American Goodness, Inc.’s mission to “Accelerate the pace of change, by working with innovative local pacesetters to solve society’s toughest challenges.”


-- Join this group.
-- Pitch-in to support and share current active member crowdfunding campaigns. Every donation, no matter how small or how big, is important in strengthening our collective impact.
-- Communicate your own crowdfunding campaigns with group admins, who will help ensure compliance with IRS rules regarding tax deductibility of donations.


-- Be polite
-- Don't spam.

The admins of this group, its organizers, and its hosts are all very excited about what we can achieve together as a group. But as excited as they are, please know that they don't endorse any particular project, campaign, plan, or product you might encounter online or at any of our events, and in supporting an event, they are not giving you any legal, tax, finance, or investment advice.

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