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Continuing Studies Class: "Women in Space"
Women have played a vital role in the U.S. space program since its inception in the 1940’s. While women were once considered unfit for space travel, the most recent NASA class is 50 percent female. This course examines the impact women have had on space exploration and space science nationally, internationally and here in Houston, and the challenges they have overcome along the way. Speakers include one of the first female flight controllers, a female astronaut, scientists conducting space research and those making preparations to travel back to the moon and beyond. Each week will have a different instructor. Sept. 25. “The History of Women in Space.” Jennifer Ross-Nazzal, Ph.D., historian, Johnson Space Center Oct. 2. “A Woman in NASA’s Mission Control.” Marianne J. Dyson, former NASA flight controller Oct. 9. “Life on a Space Mission.” Shannon Walker, Ph.D., NASA astronaut Oct. 16. “The Role of Human Factors Engineering and Human System Integration in Future Space Exploration.” Mihriban Whitmore, Ph.D., contracting officer’s representative, Human Health and Performance Directorate, Johnson Space Center Oct. 23. “International Space Station Science Accomplishments and Benefits of Research.” Julie Robinson, Ph.D., chief scientist, International Space Station; Johnson Space Center Oct. 30. “Robotic Exploration of the Solar System.” Louise Prockter, Ph.D., director of The Lunar and Planetary Institute Nov. 6. “The New Moon: Living and Working in Space.” Patricia Reiff, Ph.D., associate director for public outreach, Rice Space Institute and professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rice University Nov. 13. “Cultivating the Next Generation of Female Space Pioneers.” Carolyn Sumners, Ed.D., vice president of astronomy, Houston Museum of Natural Science; adjunct professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rice University (This one at the HMNS Burke Baker Planetarium) Sign up at the Glasscock school of continuing studies. $235 for the entire 8-week series; half-price for inservice teachers. Single talk price $40. For more information:

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