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Welcome to Houston Science Enthusiasts! Founded in 2010 (under the original name Houston Super Secret Science Club), our goal is to provide a place for people interested in science to find and gather at the most interesting science-related activities in the Greater Houston region. These include gatherings at the many science-related lectures held at area universities and other educational institutions, visits to museums, outdoors field trips and social mixers at local pubs and restaurants.

The idea to make these meet-ups entertaining and interesting to the lay community as well as those from the ranks of professional scientists. Anyone can join -- you don't need a Ph.D., just some curiosity.

You also are invited to join our Facebook group, where we continue the discussion online: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HoustonSuperSecretScienceClub/

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Upcoming events (4)

COVID-19 Delta Variant Education Session

Online event

Houston Methodist presents a webinar about the Delta virus of the SARS-2 Coronavirus.

"Houston Methodist is seeing an alarming spike in the number of COVID-19 cases across the Houston area. Two weeks ago, Houston Methodist had a little over 100 COVID-19 patients in our system. Today we have over 330 and the vast majority of these individuals are unvaccinated. Approximately 85% of our hospitalized COVID-19 patients have the Delta variant, and we now have identified our first Lambda variant.

"Research has found that individuals who are fully vaccinated are well-protected from the Delta variant. Studies clearly demonstrate that the vaccines used in the U.S. remain highly effective in preventing serious illness and hospitalization. Additionally, wearing a mask and practicing social distancing continues to show effectiveness in containing the virus and reducing the likelihood of variants.

"We invite you to join us on Wednesday, August 4 at 10:30 a.m. for a Delta variant education session hosted by Dr. Victor Fainstein, chief of the infectious diseases department at Houston Methodist. He will share insights on the Delta variant, how and why it is more aggressive than previous strains, breakthrough cases in vaccinated individuals and how you can stay safe during this latest wave."

Connect with the webinar here:


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Photo Safari Stories from the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary

As part of the National Marine Sanctuaries' annual "Get Into Your Sanctuary" celebration, Texas's own Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary will present stories inspired by its Photo Safari Scavenger Hunt.

"This year, our Get Into Your Sanctuary presentation will be stories about the winning photos from the Photo Safari Scavenger Hunt that takes place June 21- July 26, 2021. We'll talk about the animals, habitats, and situations that the photos bring to mind. You might hear about the natural history of the area and the creatures that live there, the research we do to understand and protect the sanctuary, or even funny stories and encounters we've had during the course of our work. We won't know which stories to tell until we see your photo selections. So, explore away! Join the Photo Safari Scavenger Hunt to find us photos to fit the clues, and register to hear the stories."

Learn more here: https://sanctuaries.noaa.gov/visit/giys.html

Register here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/7644451764805578509

[ONLINE] North Houston Space Society - Gitika Gorthi - Ignited Thinkers

Join us for our Monthly NSS North Houston Space Society (http://NorthHoustonSpace.org) meeting. Connect with others who are excited about exploring the cosmos, learning how to use the resources of space to improve human life, and who want to go and spread humanity to the rest of the universe.

2:00 PM – Opening Remarks – Nathan Price
2:10 PM – Recent Space News – Greg Stanley
2:30 PM – Gitika Gorthi – IgnitedThinkers.org
3:30 PM – Q&A
3:45 PM -Share your personal space experiences since the last meeting. Rocket Launches, Other Meetings, Research, etc.
4:00 PM – End of Meeting

Gitika will talk about her journey founding IgnitedThinkers, aerospace medicine research she conducted, future outlook on IgnitedThinkers and possible career paths people can choose that have an interest in space other than being an astronaut.

Gitika Gorthi is a rising senior attending Chantilly High School in Northern Virginia and is the Founder/CEO of IgnitedThinkers (www.ignitedthinkers.org). Gitika founded IgnitedThinkers in 8th-grade to spread space education to all and breaking industry stereotypes to make the space ecosystem more diverse and accessible. Gitika is an aspiring astronaut and aerospace physician. She does aerospace medicine research with the Baylor College of Medicine and Brown University, a NASA Ames Center 2021 GeneLab intern, and a rocketry enthusiast working towards her high-powered rocket license.

Meetings are open to all age groups and interest levels. Come explore with us the potential that developing and exploring space has to better life here on earth and to open up new frontiers creating new perspectives that can help enrich the human experience.

The Vision of NSS is people living and working in thriving communities beyond the Earth, and the use of the vast resources of space for the dramatic betterment of humanity.

The Mission of NSS is to promote social, economic, technological, and political change in order to expand civilization beyond Earth, to settle space and to use the resulting resources to build a hopeful and prosperous future for humanity. Accordingly, we support steps toward this goal, including human spaceflight, commercial space development, space exploration, space applications, space resource utilization, robotic precursors, defense against asteroids, relevant science, and space settlement oriented education.

Website: http://NorthHoustonSpace.org
MeetUp: https://www.meetup.com/Future-North-Houston-National-Space-Society-Chapter/
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/NssNorthHoustonSpaceSociety/

SAVE THE DATE: All Clubs Meeting

Houston Museum of Natural Science

The Houston area's major astronomical clubs will host the annual All Clubs Meeting at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Full details to come.

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