Rice Science Café: Evolution Beyond Earth: How colonizing space may change us

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FREE EVENT: The Rice Science Café (http://naturalsciences.rice.edu/ShowContent.aspx?id=2508) will feature Scott Solomon, Ph.D, professor in the Practice of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (http://solomon.rice.edu/), in a talk entitled "Evolution Beyond Earth: How colonizing space may change us forever."

Description (https://events.rice.edu/#!view/event/event_id/5053): "The long-term survival of our species may depend in part on our ability to create sustainable colonies beyond Earth. There are many obstacles to overcome in order for such colonies to be successful, including the ability to survive and reproduce in environments with low gravity and high radiation. These harsh conditions will lead to evolutionary changes as mutation rates increase and natural selection sorts the beneficial changes from those that are harmful. Any other organisms we bring with us — from crops and livestock to pets and microorganisms — will evolve rapidly as well. Ultimately, each planet or moon that we colonize may be home to its own unique set of newly evolved species."

The program begins at 6:30 p.m., but the Churchill Room often fills up fast, so it is best to arrive early.

There is no admission charge. Light snacks will be available. Food and drinks from the restaurant must be paid for.

PARKING: Free parking is available in the garage for Black Lab patrons. Street parking in the surrounding neighborhood is also available.

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