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Calling All FOODIES! This group is specially created for Food Network lovers, Pinterest recipe searchers, and food box subscription junkies alike! We at CocuSocial have created this group for our loyal customers and food lovers all around Houston, TX! Come and meet other culinary enthusiasts from all levels of experience! Make friends and Fettucine while drinking a Cosmo! Create your own Margherita pizza while ...you guessed it..drinking Margaritas! We are all here to learn great recipes, make wonderful new friends, and have an amazing time in some of Houston's popular dining rooms! NO KITCHEN INVOLVED EVER!

Join our group and learn why there's nothing in the world like being CocuSocial!


Past events (202)

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CocuSocial: The Art of French Pastry

Chef Kathryn's Place

CocuSocial: Homemade Pizza Party

Chef Kathryn's Place

CocuSocial: Dumplings & Lo Mein

Chef Trenica's Place

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