What we're about

Our Focus is On Helping You Develop Real World Mindfulness Skills That Empower You on All Levels and Automatically Lead You To the Calm, Peace, Joy, Happiness You Have Always Wanted, Learn How To Use Mindfulness To Make Life Give YOU What You Really Want, Get Out of Your head, and become more like the type of Person or People that you always admired from books or videos who Lives Life in the Moment And Finds Happiness in the Everyday.

Our group is all about learning and practicing any and all things related to mindfulness - including meditation, success affirmations, positive psychology, positive thinking, and MORE.

All levels of Mindfulness experience are welcome. It doesn't matter whether your 18 or 95, been reading books or watching videos for 40 years or 40 minutes. All we really care about is that you have a sincere desire to have fun, to learn cool stuff, and to get new skills.

This is a No-holds barred mindfulness group!

Do you want to -

- Learn Instant Mindfulness Meditations That Really Work

- Learn How to use Mindfulness to Program Your Own MIND For Unlimited Success, Health, Wealth and Happiness... YEP!

- Meet and Network with other aspiring people just like you in the Houston Area?

- Explore the power of mindfulness to...

- Automatically make yourself more attractive to others

- Effortlessly be more confident

- Consistently reduce public speaking fears

- Reliably develop more self awareness

- Easily cultivate more self love and self acceptance

- Rapidly relieve stress

- Subconsciously manifest greater abundance and prosperity in your life

- Incrementally enhance your leadership and communication skills

- Magically unlock your entrepreneurial and selling skill sets

And That is just the very beginning of what you can learn... practically for free!

Why practically?

Well... To tell the truth it DOES Cost You Something and ...

You Are Probably Wondering What It is Going To Cost You, Are you Not?

OF Course You are.

Well the truth is that in order to get all this great training, practice, self confidence and power and ability for yourself You Are Actually Going To Have To:

- Sign Up For The Group

- RSVP To The Meetings

And Finally...

- You Actually Have To Show Up and Participate!

Is that fair?

Lets get the party started. Sign up for the group NOW.


Meetup also asks organizers to tell members about the following things about the group for transparency and disclosure:

1) Does the Group have any membership requirements? No, we don't!

2) Does the Group have any Fees or dues? Nope, zip, nada. (Though I may change my mind in the future...)

3) What is the group’s affiliation, if it's affiliated with a business? It's affiliated with me (Allan). I do part-time life coaching and will occasionally take on a very limited number of coaching clients. It depends how busy I get at my regular 9-to-5 job.

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