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What we’re about

This group is focused on strategic action to protect the constitutional rights of all citizens, and in particular those individuals who are being targeted with neuroweaponry and stasis-style harassment.

We will be leveraging the current media attention surrounding the 'Havana' Syndrome' victims to educate the general public regarding the neuroweapons and stasis-style harassment that is happening to innocent citizens (not just diplomats).

This is a perfect time for us to conduct outreach efforts, as the stigma regarding this topic has in large part been removed as more and more victims come forward. People (especially the police and healthcare professionals) are starting to understand how this technology works and what it is capable of. We will work to make sure everyone understands that this is not isolated to the diplomats and is of vital concern to our entire nation as a matter of constitutional civil and humanitarian rights.

*** Note: This is NOT a support group. There are plenty of other forums for that. ***

This group will focus on proactive activities to stop the use of current technologies (brain-to-computer interface, neuroweaponry, ultrasonic signals, etc.) being used to interact with the human brain/neurological system without the consent of the individual. These are real technologies already in place and being used in personal electronics (brain-to-computer Smartphone technologies, people tracking via numerous methods, including 5G, cell towers, Microsoft gaming software like Xbox, etc.)

Anyone concerned about constitutional rights, individual freedoms, 5G and general microwave technology hazards, government overstepping, and like-minded activists are encouraged to join our campaign. You are encouraged to share the link to this group in your personal social forums, with those in your personal network, and anyone who you feel is like-minded.

We welcome government and corporate whistleblowers, anyone in a position of influence or with skills to help who genuinely is concerned about this issue (healthcare professionals, legislators, city officials, technology professional, political activists from any direction - this is a universal, bi-partisan issue, etc.).

DO NOT join this group and please remove yourself immediately if you are collecting information for a government, corporate, or other organizational entity. The private and personal information shared by our members is protected under constitutional rights and anyone participating must abide by our rules to not share personal information about any member. Although this is a public group, so that people can find us and our other forums being used, the personal information members share is PRIVATE. When you join a call or event with this group you are agreeing to hold any information shared by members and the group facilitator as PRIVATE, confidential, protected information. It is NOT to be handed to any government, corporate, or other entity for any reason whatsoever.

Our action plan includes:

  1. Media relations (new website, media kit, press releases, follow up calls)
  2. Legislative outreach
  3. General public outreach (social media, forums, city council meetings)
  4. Building liaisons (concerned 5G groups, constitutional rights political groups)
  5. Legal campaign (Our lawyers require more solid evidence, across multiple states. We will share specifics of our legal strategy only with members who have been fully vetted).

Note: the Target Truth website was taking down by our hosting company, but we will be rebuilding another. In the meantime, please join our email list to stay in touch and to see some of the information that was previously provided on the prior website:

Since our Twitter account has been highly censored, we will also be using our new Telegram account to post important information regarding the technologies, protection, strategy, etc. You can still check the Twitter accounts for lots of great info in past posts that you will find of interest.


If you are concerned about privacy (this is a public group where non-members may be able to see your photo or Meetup information), you can join our sister Colorado Meetup group, which is private (people will not be able to see any information about other members unless they are a member of the group). We prefer people to use their real first names (last name not required). Photos are nice to encourage trust among our group and do not have to show your eyes or facial details - wear glasses hat, etc. that deter facial recognition technologies.

Colorado Targeted Individuals Meetup Group (PRIVATE):