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• We promote a variety of classes, workshops, lectures & events for those interested in all levels of wellness & personal and/or professional empowerment in 360 degrees of life.

• We promote community, healing & connections between like-minded people.

Join us today to begin to enhance your journey towards healing and personal empowerment! We look forward to Meeting-Up with you!


• WHOLE BODY WELLNESS: How To Experience Vibrant Energy & Health Every Day, Nutrition 101, The Body You Deserve, You Are What You Eat, Cleanse-Balance-Nourish Your Body, Chiropractic & Wellness, Network Chiropractic, Weight Loss, Energy Medicine, Beyond Stress, Clear Days, A Day of Joy, Stress Reduction, Stress Management, Women's Health, Massage, Reiki, Somato Respiratory Integration (The 12 Stages of Healing).

• DRUMMING & RHYTHM EVENTS: Women’s Empowerment Drumming, West African Drumming Classes, Community Drum Circles, The Healing Drum Kit Workshop, HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming, Clavinova Connection.

• FITNESS CLASSES: Posture Ball , Yoga, Tang Soo Do, Traditional Korean Karate, Body-Breath Integration, Self-Defense Classes, Group Fitness Training, Women's Fitness Challenge.

• MOVIE NIGHTS: The Secret, What the Bleep, Facing the Giants, Food Matters, Pass It On - More Than A Movie.

• MANIFESTING/UNIVERSAL LAWS: Creative Collage, Manifest Your Dreams, Peak Performance Strategies, Law of Attraction, Universal Laws.

• BUSINESS & RELATIONSHIPS: Tony Robbins Strategies, Attracting Perfect Customers, Financial Prosperity & Opportunity, Momentum Goal Setting, Empowerment Coaching, Life Coaching.

Join us today to begin to enhance your journey towards healing and personal empowerment!
We look forward to Meeting-Up with you!

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A Healthy New You In 2022 [VIRTUAL EVENT]

Online event

Launch your 2022 Health Goals for vibrant health, great energy and focus. Learn great tips, insights from Houston's Favorite Doc!

Our entire life expands and becomes ENERGY RICH when we are HEALTHY!

Gather your health goals, strengthen your focus and commit to your healthiest year ever!

Come and learn how you can gain vibrant health and enhance your energy, vitality, and quality of life thru the magic of a healthy spine!

How Will You Benefit from Attending?

. Why must you know about Chiropratic now more than ever?!
. Learn the root causes of dis-ease and how chiropractic prevents and relieves them.
. Discover the magic of a healthy spine and nervous system.
. Better understand your own brain and spine and how it runs your life.
. See how stress is played out in the body and how it affects your health.
. Learn proven strategies to change the cause of pain patterns and dissipate stress and tension from your life now!

"As a patient of Network Care it changed my life, and my practice members report changes in many areas of their lives including decreased pain, better ability to adapt stress and overall improved quality of life. The results of Network Care are tremendous. In fact 95% of those receiving care have their expectations met or exceeded. My experience of the work assures me that I can expect the same for you."
– Dr. Jackie St.Cyr, Network Chiropractor

Enhance your energy, vitality, and quality of life!

This virtual educational experience is offered free of charge to our practice members and our community. Share the love! Invite a friend!

REGISTER HERE THRU EVENTBRITE: https://www.eventbrite.com/x/a-healthy-new-you-in-2022-virtual-event-registration-243749700917

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