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Photowalk: The Houston Arboretum and Nature Center

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I'm pleased to announce that HoustonPhotowalks has been invited to tour the amazing Texas Native Plant Landscaping at Houston Arboretum & Nature Center! This has been on the HPW Bucket list for several years.


Hello everyone! For those that are new, this is our "night-before, final-updates, must-read info" email!

We will start the day off at about 70 degrees and be about 80 by 1pm. I suggest 2 very light layers, with the option of removing one later in the day. There's a 10% chance of rain, don't forget your emergency camera protection (a Target or Wal-Mart bag) :).

We will be arriving 1 hour before the store/building opens, so don't arrive needing to pee. Also, they are asking that we do not bring food in. However if you need to bring in a bottle of water, make sure and dispose of your container appropriately.

We will be parking at the lot on Memorial and N. Picnic Ln, NEXT TO THE RAIL ROAD TRACKS. Parking is free at this location. Check the map below for a RED STAR -- the RED STAR is our starting location. We will meet at the RED STAR on the MAP at 8am. Sunrise is 7:30am if you want to arrive early and catch the Sunrise on Memorial Drive.

If you arrive and the parking is full, go down Memorial a few more feet and you will see two more large parking areas.

Suggested items to bring:

Hat Sunscreen Macro Lens Flash Flashlight CLOSE TOED SHOES! Long pants / shirts Tripod The venue is mostly outdoors, however there is one building that opens after 9am.


Online at Google Maps ( Downloadable, print outable map ( See you in the morning!

This has been a long process, they have had some issues with photography groups in the past. We finally gained permission to go, but only if I assured them that we will not trample the landscape, pick flowers, damage property or show up with "models". will be making a donation on your behalf to the Arboretum. This is included with your $5.00 for this event. By paying in advance as a group, we won't have to stand in a long line to pay one-at-a-time.

You can learn more about this wonderful location on their Official Web Site:

Its important we show the community that Social and Enthusiast Photographers are respectful to the venues and people we visit. We want to establish a long-term relationship with this venue and show them we are good folks. With that in mind, we ask everyone to pay attention to a few key concerns:

We will meetup in their alternative parking location to save parking spaces for their daily guests. A map to the location will be provided. Due to the lack of trash facilities, no picnics or food allowed inside. As with all other Photowalk events, please do not bring models. "Model" photography/Professional photography can be arranged directly with the venue at a reasonable cost. Photos of you and your family are perfectly welcome. Please see the venue's Visitor Policy Page for other areas of concern for safety and enjoyment of everyone: Payments are automatically a donation to the venue, please do not request refunds for RSVP changes or "no-shows". HPW will collect entry payments from all attendees and pay a few days in advance of arrival. Please complete your payment within 24 hours of your RSVP.

Click to view the location map: ( (

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