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Photowalk: Evening Reflections and Fountains, Hermann Park @ Night / New Moon

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Pinewood Cafe

6104 Hermann Park Drive · Houston, TX

How to find us

Look for us near the gift shop near the Zoo Parking Lot.

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Join us for a late afternoon / early evening photowalk in Herman Park. We'll start near the zoo parking lot, make our way past the reflection pool and Sam Houston monument. Then photograph the fountains at Main St and Herman Drive. We haven't been out there is several years, and June 6th will be a "New Moon", perfect time to go back for a visit!

Last Minute Updates

Tomorrow is our big Hermann Park evening Photowalk!

For those that are new, we post details the night before each photowalk with last-minute information and reminders. This helps makes sure everyone has the best possible experience!

The "feels-like" temps during our schedule will start out at mid-90's and only go down to 85, so dress for heat. Loose clothing, lots of air movement, avoid the polyester (thats always good advice). Dressing for heat includes doing a Jenny Craig on your camera bag (bring only the gear you actually need, not every heavy lens you own).

Items you MUST bring with you:

Bottle(s) of water. Flash Light Flat comfortable walking shoes Items you should bring to better enjoy the event:

A tripod Towel/cloth to wipe off sweat A shutter trigger release Hat, Sunglasses The official photowalk map Also, consider applying sunscreen and mosquito spray before leaving your car. Spraying anything in the vicinity of 99 other photographers is a really (really) great way to see 99 cranky photographers.

Parking is free unless you stay past 11pm and get towed away, then it's not free. You will be competing for space with everyone else visiting the park and zoo, so consider arriving early. This way, you have plenty of time to find a parking spot and walk to the meeting location. Roll Call, group picture and opening remarks start promptly at 6:30pm.

Meetup location is over by the water across from the restaurant. The restaurant itself is closed.

Pay close attention to the map details for the "meetup" location. We specifically make the maps so you aren't uncomfortable, or accidentally join the wrong group of people. Follow the map so you don't end up in a yoga class. Or anger management. We are a super friendly group of folks, but if you arrive late and say "I couldn't find the meetup spot", you will have 99 people collectively roll their eyes so hard, the centrical force will throw off the planet's rotation.

As mentioned, we won't be meeting at the Pinewood restaurant. Having a meal together like last time would have been great, but the restaurant is temporarily closed, so if you plan to arrive early to eat a bite, be sure and bring the bite with you.

That's it, see you at 6:30pm!

Herman Park

Hermann Park is a very popular location for families and photographers. But there's only a few folks that have EVENING photographs of this location in their portfolio. All of the waterways are very nicely lit at night, and when using long exposure, the Fountains glow!

The Setting

This is a New Moon night, so there will be plenty of darkness for those long exposure images as the Sun dips behind the tree line! Bring your good tripod, remote shutter release and favorite lenses. Also, BRING WATER and BRING A FLASHLIGHT. We will have a Water and Flashlight check during roll call. :)

The Route

The chosen route is all based on the location of the setting Sun and lack of Moon. We will walk along the West side of the Reflection Pool so the sun is not in our eyes while trying to photograph the water, reflections and the occasional bird. Once we make our way to the Sam Houston Monument, we will walk on the RIGHT side (South and East) to get the best possible long-shadows and silhouettes.

The route includes walking to the RIGHT (EAST) of all monuments -- there are several places to shoot pointing WEST that have really great backdrops. If we all stay on one side of each monument, we can get some great pictures without having each other in the way. :)

If we time it right, we can be at the fountains about 7:45 or 8:00 to photograph the sun going down at the fountains, and then stick around a while to photograph as the sky gets inky black and the fountains glow orange.

The route back is exactly the same. So you'll get nice pictures of the area during the day AND at night.

NOTE THAT PARKING CLOSES AT 11PM! So if you stay late, keep an eye on your watch!

Safety and Fun

Our group's #1 principle is "Safe and Fun" -- so while we are having fun, be sure and keep an eye out on each other. If you want to venture out, or want to lag behind, make sure you're with one or two other folks too.

We will also be walking across several busy streets. The circle is pretty confusing when you are right in the center of it, so look both ways around the corners before stepping out.


As usual, you can feel free to bring guests/friends/family, there are a lot of cute places along the way to shoot. But refer to the previous section about "Fun and Safety". You are responsible for anyone you bring along, this includes any needed hospital visits after getting hit by a car!

What to Bring

One or two bottles of water, one working flashlight, light painting toys, tripod (and camera)

Careful with Flashes

Since many folks will be doing long exposure images (holding the shutter open for a period of time to allow more light to come in during the darker areas of our walk), please be mindful of those around you before using a flash. You might accidentally shoot off a flash in the direction of someone's camera and spoil their image.

Why Bring a Flash Light

This area is fairly well lit at night, and the park itself is open until 11pm. However it's a good idea to have a flashlight with you. Not only does it help with safety, but you can put your camera into long exposure mode, then use your flashlight to "paint" onto objects like monuments. Anywhere you point your flashlight will be in your exposure!

Organizer Tips

If you enjoy photowalks and want to contribute to the Organizer's gas budget, feel free to leave a $2 tip. Each event takes a lot of time to arrange and organize. Organizers are there to make sure everything runs smooth, and that everyone is having a good time.

If anything goes "wrong", they are first person you should notify. They are also the person that scouts/discovers photowalk locations, and create event maps. So we thank Organizers with Organizer Tips. Its completely optional, and other members will never know who left tips and who didn't.

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