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Class: 12 Ways to Improve your Photography (Part 1): Camera Settings

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20 people went

Price: $20.00 /per person

Becks Prime

115 West 19th Street · Houston, TX

How to find us

Order your dinner and head upstairs to the meeting room!

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(Please note, there is only enough room for 20 people in this meeting room.)

This class is great for both NEW CAMERA OWNERS as well as SEASONED CAMERA LOVERS.


The "12 Ways To Improve Your Photography Series" walks you through 12 important photography concepts that will help you create beautiful artistic images -- and master your camera. These concepts are not camera- or brand-specific, and do not require you to "buy new and expensive gear" to master.

This session, "Camera Settings", will help you understand key skills needed for correct exposure, artistically controlling focus, how to get a "Blue Sky" rather than that washed-out white background, and many other important key concepts.


Rather than a scratch-the-surface class about exposure, we will look at the reasons we use the different exposure settings.

Joe will share not only the "definition" of camera terms, but some out-of-the-box reasons for making specific adjustments. For example

• You may have been taught to always use the lowest possible ISO. But a High ISO can have improve your FOCUS!

• An image "freezes" time, but if your story includes motion, you can create "Movement" in still images with a minor camera adjustment!

• Aperture is the most important part of composure (not exposure!)


To get the most out of the class, you will want to bring some materials.

• Pen and paper for taking notes

• Your camera and one lens

• (Hopefully) Your camera manual in case you need help finding camera-specific info


Join us for this 2-hour class where we beat subjects to death in the typical Joe's OCD classes style (not scratch-the-surface). Perfect for the beginner to advanced camera owner.

We will not go over every advanced system in your camera, we will focus on 12 important areas.


We are meeting in the Beck's Prime in The Heights. The room is large enough for about 20 people.




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