Virtual Event: Food Photography (also: $40 off at HelloFresh)

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(To keep us busy during virus season, Meetup is allowing organizers to post "virtual events" so we can keep busy while times are stressful and many of us are forced off of work.)

For this Virtual Photowalk, let's practice some food photography skills! Over the next couple of weeks, pick a meal and make it look amazing. That includes setting up the table, silverware, fine china, and appetizing meal. You don't have to be the cook, you can photograph someone else doing all the work. :)

For those following me on Facebook or Instagram, you've seen my son's recent obsession with cooking. He got a subscription to HelloFresh for Christmas last year. As a child affected by Autism, he really engages in the step-by-step full-color instructions.

The foods he's made have been amazing. As an added bonus, I've been enjoying photographing him cook and practicing my food photography with his completed meals!

For those interested in HelloFresh, you can get $40 off your first order by clicking the following link. For every person that signs up to use their $40 discount, Alex gets a free meal for himself, which is kinda cool too.

Need some photography inspiration? Check out fine dining restaurant websites! Make that meal pop out of the image using careful color editing and good focus techniques!

You can post your images in our FB group, on Instagram and tag @houstonphotowalks/#houstonphotowalks, and on meetup's photo album for this event.