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Lascaux Cave: Talk at Houston Museum of Natural Science

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The accidental discovery of Lascaux cave by four teenagers in September 12, 1940, forever changed the perception of modern man about our prehistoric ancestors. This discovery, immediately considered a major event, offered the world an unexplored cave, rich in beautiful imagery. The international scientific community and the general public flocked to see it. This rapidly destabilized its fragile natural environment. From crisis to solutions, Lascaux has become a laboratory for the conservation of decorated caves. The story of its preservation will greatly improve our knowledge of these complex environments.

As part of the Leaky Foundation Outreach ( program, Muriel Mauriac, Curator of the Lascaux Cave, will be giving a talk about the cave at 6:30 p.m. on March 4, at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. (Scenes from the cave have been on display at HMNS ( since October, 2013.)

Tickets are $18. For further information, visit the Leaky Foundation website (