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Skeptics in the Pub: Mask of the Red Mass

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Ok, so I had a little fun with the title of a short story by Edgar Allan Poe for this meetup headline, but the truth is, Supreme Court Justices John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Elena Kagan, Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, and Stephen Breyer all attended the Red Mass at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle, which was celebrated the Sunday before the Supreme Court began its last term. And by all accounts the same will hold true this time around.

Poppy Northcutt, a lawyer, atheist, and President of NOW is organizing a protest for the Red Mass Houston event (the local version). And she will be joining us this month as our guest to fill us in on all the details of the protest, the ramifications of such high-powered judicial officials participating in Red Mass, and on many other humanist efforts she spearheads.

See you all there!


This monthly Skeptics in the Pub meetup, as always, takes place at the Stag's Head Pub (

Add it to your calendar.

The Skinny on the Digs

The Stag's Head Pub is located in the old Shepherd Plaza. It's a traditional style pub with a decent selection of beverages and reasonably priced food, with laquered hardwood everywhere you look.

But more importantly, the Stag's Head features a private room called The Oak Room that allows us to avoid any undue bar noise, and to have a good setting for conversation and any guest speakers we may have.

Now here's the important part: The manager usually charges a fee to book the Oak Room, but I explained that our group does not have a budget, and so would most likely not be able to pay the room fee. I assured her, however, that our group is good about ordering drinks and lots of food. We don't just use up space for nothing. And I told her that we could put 20 or more people in the room each month, most of whom would do some kind of business with the bar. And she was kind enough to wave the room fee with the understanding that our business would still make it worth her while.

So, we need to strive for two things to keep this venue at no cost to us:

Put butts in the seats, as they say --- We need to have a good showing of members. Tell all your friends, bring a family member, invite a co-worker, anything. But let's get the word out, and get as many people to attend as possible.

Enjoy the fare offered by the Stag's Head Pub --- Have a few beers. Order some appetizers and a sandwhich, whatever strikes your fancy. No reason to empty your wallet, but let's show Stag's Head a little financial love. Keep them happy and they will keep us happy.

Other Important Information

The Skeptics in the Pub meetups will take place on the 4th Tuesday night of each month. Note the standing meetup posted here.

Driving Tips and Directions

The Stag's Head Pub is in the old Shepherd Plaza, easily accessible from US Highway 59. From Highway 59, take the Shepherd/Greenbriar exit, and go north on Shepherd. Turn left on Portsmouth, and after a block, you will see the stag's head mounted on the building to your left. You have arrived.

Upon leaving, you can exit Shepherd Plaza onto Greenbriar and turn left on Greenbriar to link up with 59.

If you are heading south on 59, turn right at the Greenbriar/59 intersection, and enter the freeway heading south.

If you are heading north on 59, turn left at the Greenbriar/59 intersection,and enter the freeway heading north.

Hope to see you all there!