Tunnels Downtown & Old Library ~ 6 Miles

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Apple maps gets you right there, Google Maps may put you in front of Fonde Recreation Center. We will be on the left side of Fonde all the way in back past the Lofts/apartments.
We walk about 1/3 mile to Tranquility Park and enter tunnels. Plenty of food and all the shops you would need to support a city of office workers.
We’ll walk through many different old and new building styles. There are still spots of Harvey damage, also we pass by the Hyatt lobby if anyone wants to go in. I try to stick to the most interesting parts but there will be some stretches with not a lot of stuff. We do come up and out for one downtown block to see a wonderful old classic bank lobby with historic murals.

I plan on being done with tunnels around lunch time near the point we entered into the tunnels, so you can leave easily or get lunch there or I will show you the Julia Ideson Building - the old beautifully restored Library only a block away.

Just regular clothes, we’ll be outside only a very short bit, of course water, restrooms, etc in tunnels.

Map of tunnels