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We play daytime Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at the King Alfred Leisure Centre in Hove. Also Monday and Wednesday evenings 8.30 at Portslade Sports Centre in Chalky Road,Mile Oak.

Until recently this was a very small group (restricted to 50 members to keep the costs that Meetup charge us for running a group down to as minimum) and was reliant upon having a very active membership so as new members applied to join existing members who had joined but not attended any of the badminton sessions recently were kicked out ( to be blunt !!) to make space for those that did want to play.

Due to the increasing number of people wanting to join we are changing the way the group is run, all members will be asked to contribute £4 for 12 months membership of the group to cover the cost of Meetup fees and the shuttlecocks which we provide. You may not realise MeetUp charge us a fee of almost £200 a year to use their site, it's not provided for free.

Finally please note Anita, Joshua, Christopher and myself have to pay for the courts in advance out of our own money so we are trusting that you will show up and play when you sign in to a session. If you don't turn up we still have had to pay for the court on your behalf so PLEASE do not sign in unless you actually intend to play. You will be charged if you don't turn up after signing in to play or if you cancel out at short notice.

We also do some social stuff, pub quizzes, meals out /drinks on a fairly regular basis.

I hope this information is of some help to you but if you have any questions please write and ask me.



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