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Burnout is everywhere. Professional women, working moms, women between jobs, teachers, students - all tell me they are chronically tired and overwhelmed, frustrated and dissatisfied.

Yet… they don’t want to simply give up . These creative, resourceful, courageous women just want a better way, a way to give their best without killing themselves. How can they do that - play "big" - when they feel so burned out?

This is a book study group for women who are burning out (or who want to avoid it), but who still long to give their gifts and live their callings.

Together, we will read "Playing Big" by Tara Mohr. Using the chapters and journaling questions from the book, combined with some of my own burnout-focused materials, we will discuss and explore what it means to "play big" when we find ourselves challenged by our work and personal lives.

Surprisingly, playing "bigger" does NOT mean demanding more of yourself, or engaging more self-discipline. It does not mean pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion, or forcing yourself to work through grinding fatigue.

In "Playing Big", Tara Mohr describes how to identify not just the fears and conditioning that holds us back, but the inner resources and new perspectives that make it possible to express our gifts more fully. Playing bigger can help us learn ways to experience the joy and satisfaction of doing what comes easy, by living in alignment with our truest, most authentic self!

I first heard Tara Mohr talking about her book, "Playing Big", right after walking away from my consulting career. I was burnt to a crisp. All I could think about was sleeping, so "playing big" wasn't even on my radar.

Four years later, I participated in Tara's Playing Big Facilitators Training, and discovered that, what Tara means by "playing big" has nothing to do with forcing or driving, but rather identifying, acknowledging and leveraging the gifts and strengths we already possess, and allowing them to express themselves in a world that desperately needs them.

Really. The world needs our gifts. Yours, and mine.

The insights and practices from this book have been a source not just of healing and recovery, but inspiration and support as I step - day by day - into my own calling as a professional coach.

I hope you'll join us.

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