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Spirit Circle and Table Tipping Event

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Price: $10.00 /per person
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Come join us for an evening of connection to Spirit! We will begin with a spirit circle where we will give and receive messages from spirit (loved ones, guides and angels). Then we will synch our energies with our spirit helpers and perform some table tipping/walking! If you haven't experienced table tipping before, then you're in for a great treat! You can feel the energy of the room lifting as the table begins to vibrate and move around the room while we lightly place our hands on top.

What is table tipping?
"People lightly place their fingertips on a wooden table, preferable one that has three legs. If enough people have the potential to be physical mediums, energy is transmitted into the table, and the table will eventually move. At first the table vibrates, and then shakes. Eventually as the energy builds, the tables can tip, or slide across the room...."

Forget all the outdated fear based ideas of seance's and oujia boards. This is fun!! You can't help but be lifted and full of high energy when the table starts moving around the room! $10 paid in advance here: $15 at the door

I truly hope to see you there!
Sharon :)

Sharon Sananda Kumara has a successful practice as a Psychic-Medium and Hypnotherapist in the Portland area. She has been using her gifts to help others since 2002. She works closely with Angels, Guides, Archangels and Ascended Masters ever since her NDE (Near Death Experience) in 2001. Visit for more info.