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I’m making this group because I find it’s not always easy being human.

My intention in forming this group is to create a small community of critical discussion and support. A friendly reminder: I am not a mental health professional, and this group should not be used in place of therapy with a trained psychologist or counselor. You are welcome, on the contrary, to see this as a supplement to personal therapy – a place where you are welcome to share what’s troubling you, whether it be a mental illness you persevere with or past trauma you are working to overcome.

My idea is to have a group where members can meet every two weeks or so and discuss a given topic, sharing some of their own thoughts and experiences in a (relatively) non-judgmental atmosphere. I would hope this is a place where people can seek some closure, self-understanding, and support from others living with similar conflicts.

I like the idea of being able to talk about subjects relating to mental health, relationships, and the psyche. The nature of some of these topics may trigger some discussion which may be controversial to some, so, in order for this community to work, we need to have some ground rules:

1) Boundaries: Extend basic respect to other members. If a member expresses discomfort about a certain topic, try to refrain from directing jokes or sarcasm their way that could be considered demeaning. For any question at any time, each member has the right to remain silent if they so choose.

2) Open Mindedness: It is likely to encounter opinions you don’t agree with from other members. Civilized debate is fine, but personal attacks and shaming is not acceptable.

3) Support: Keep in mind some topics may be rather vulnerable for certain members. It takes a lot of bravery to speak honestly about personal struggles, so offer constructive criticism only when it is asked for directly.

I’m really looking forward to meeting all of you and hearing your stories. Additionally, I’m fully ready to admit that I’m quite new at this – so any constructive criticism you have for me or the way I do things is more than welcome.

Thank you and hezky den,


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