LA Acting Studios

    This free introductory 2-hour seminar takes place on the first Monday of the month and will cover the basics of what it takes to write a compelling treatment for a scripted or unscripted TV or film project, and then pitch it to a potential buyer. First I will go over the psychology of pitching your project to an actual development executive, and tips/techniques and "Do's & Don'ts" you can use to make the best use of your (and their) time during the pitch meeting. Then we will have a pitch session where you pitch me your three (3) best ideas, and I will give you feedback on them. Then I will share the basic treatment formats that are commonly in use in the entertainment industry. Finally, I will go over basic methods and techniques that you can use to truly capture the essence -- either verbally or in writing -- of the project you are trying to sell. This free class is an intro to the 3-week course that will take place on the three subsequent Mondays. The price of the class is $200 if you pay for it on the night of the free class, and $250 if you pay any time during the week leading up to Class #1. Your "homework" for Class #1 (the first class after the free class) will be to write a one-page summary (i.e., a "one pager") describing what we have mutually agreed on as being your most commercially viable project In Class #1, I will give notes on your one-pager, and then teach you how to format and write the rest of the treatment. In Class #2, I will give notes on the first draft of your full treatment, and teach you any tips, tricks or techniques you might need to edit the second draft. In Class #3, I will give notes on the second draft, which will allow you to polish it into a final draft. After you have incorporated any final notes I have given you in Class #3, you will have a finished, professional treatment suitable for submission to any development executive working at any studio or network.


    North Hollywood

    This introductory class will consist of a pitch session followed by feedback and a brief outline of what you can expect to learn in the 4-week treatment writing class I teach.