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Learn to become Financially Free for the price of beans??

Do not read the following if you are looking for money to start a business or to a get rich scheme. BUT, if you want to become financially free, keep reading.

This fall we will be offering a Financially Free Laboratory for people who want to learn the PROCESS for 2lbs of beans!!!

There are three (3) Phases to learn. In the Laboratory, you will experience each of the following phases by actually doing them.

Phase I – Learn yourself and your strengths

Everyone begins the journey by relying on a monthly paycheck. At this phase, a job and reliable income stream are required to pay the bills. Without the ongoing paycheck, any savings could be quickly depleted, and you could risk defaulting on your monthly expenses.

Who you are, and your strengths determine your path to financial freedom.

Details @ www.FinanciallyFree.Fun

Phase II – Learn how to accumulate "Seed" money

In this phase, you must spend less than you earn and create a pool of savings. Otherwise, you will be forced to continue working indefinitely because your lifestyle depends on your employment income. You must learn to defer your personal gratification. In the Laboratory, you will have an opportunity to generate a little extra money. You must save a portion of this income to move on to Phase III.

Details @ www.FinanciallyFree.Fun

Phase III – Learn how to “Plant” your “Seed” money

The purpose of this phase is for your total non-employment income to exceeds your total expenses, so you no longer require a steady paycheck from your employer. You must find an opportunity where you are not selling your time for a paycheck.

A non-employment side business will still involve your labor. You are trading your time for money, but the assumption is that your side business represents your passion. It’s something that you enjoy doing. Something that you find fulfilling or meaningful.

Fulfillment is the entire point of the Financially Free Laboratory. Financial freedom is not retiring early to a life of leisure. It is not about getting rich. It’s about having autonomy and independence in your daily routine, allowing you to design a better life while spending your time, money, and energy in a more meaningful way. Doing meaningful work while getting paid for what you like doing.

When you find meaningful work, you never have to work another day in your life.

The more passive income streams you have - the more choices you will have in life.

The Financially Free Laboratory is funded and supported by the Sustainable Living Center of Oregon

Space is limited, Call 541-765-2109 for registration.

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