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( The people who join this meet up group, are assumed to be interested to become student and teacher in ancient wisdom of Yoga meditation (Please don't think only people with flexible body can be yoga teacher. Real yoga is more with mind and soul also).

As we realize that humans naturally work whole life to fulfill their needs related with body, mind, soul and love . More than 50% our economy is based on unnecessary things to satisfy human ego or to provide addiction based unhealthy products . To raise that money, majority of the people work for whole life so naturally they start feeling that something is missing in life. Because in majority of the jobs/business, we continue to repeat the same behavior/ same kind of communication for decades. Human body and mind start becoming robotic in certain behavior. although human life is short but people dont know how to go out of this cycle.

YOGAJYOTI (An incorporation registered in BC, Canada and is fully licensed to teach teacher training courses and make agreements ) offers meditation Yoga, teacher training course & partnership course to to fulfill the spiritual dream of your life.

In ancient time (even today also) many have left everything in life to go into Yoga to become awakened. But we are not recommending you to leave everything. If you have interest in Yoga, meditation, you can still live in the society, learn ancient wisdom and teach it also as profession.

Yoga, Indian Astrology and love?

Ancient authentic wisdom of Yoga was not to help us physically as it is known in the western world but it offered the solutions for all issues related with body, mind, soul and love also to give a complete wisdom. And Indian astrology has connection with Yoga also in ancient time.

(Read the book http://yogajyoti.com/english/destiny.php )

Why it is important ? Today even with modern education, when people have full freedom to choose anyone (and only love marriages are taking place. It means that these are not child, forced or arranged marriages ) still about 50% divorces are taking place in such marriages. Definition of consent is more confused in civilized world. Why modern education could not teach it clearly from beginning ? Even animals can raise their kids with love and without issues. The result is that young people have already started to avoid any kinds of relationships . And, it is going to influence the physical and mental health of people of future.

In ancient India , authentic wisdom of Yoga gave humans wisdom to be spiritual in love ( with divine Shiva and Shakti concept) and at the same time, Jyotish recommended the ancient horoscope match-making technique between two persons to find good partner. Because certain people are born under certain position of stars also for certain reasons, to meet/deal certain persons on our planet.

You will learn all such wisdom in teacher training course also. It will transform your physical, mental, spiritual and love life and you as a teacher, can play a great role body, mind, soul also with Yoga/meditation/Indian astrology wisdom also.

YOGAJYOTI Teacher training course information is here. http://yogajyoti.com/english/partnership.php

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Some people are contacting individually also for certain questions, you can also do that, to try Indian astrology consultation or to inquire more about YOGAJYOTI training.

Some of our desires, complexes, fears and guilt follow our mind even to next lives also if we don't get time to solve them in this life. Have spiritual wisdom and live happily.

(Your privacy is respected).

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Acharya Aman is a talented international author, yogi and Jyotish (Traditional Indian Vedic Astrology) counselor. When Yoga entered the west, people had no idea that it had a direct connection with Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of holistic health and wellness. Similarly, Yoga has a deep connection with Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) also. Even though Ayurveda has become more well known in North America, Jyotish and its connection with Yoga has remained almost a mystery for most people, even for many Yoga teachers of the west. Acharya Aman worked to reveal and establish this lost connection between the ancient wisdom of Yoga with Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) and brought it forth in an easily understandable language for international audience by his book(You can get PDF from Aman or read free book in Canadian public library (


). It is available in Japanese, English and Hindi for the benefit of present and future humanity. The title of Aman's website is YOGAJYOTI which is used in dedication to the relationship between Jyotish and Yoga, JYOTI, at its root means "light"!

Today we see that many people in this civilized world are still suffering from issues related to body, mind, soul or love. Aman's inclusive yoga courses are designed to help transform your life in all aspects and at a deep level so that you can feel joy and life satisfaction.

Acharya Aman's love and compassion of all humanity are reflected in his works. He has written books, designed courses and teacher trainings, and is available for personal Jyotish counseling sessions with the intention of supporting people's happiness by passing on his knowledge and wisdom. He believes that everyone in the western worlds can benefit from the gifts within his works and invites all to attend his workshops, courses and read his publications.

Aman has dedicated his life to yoga and finding the ultimate balance between mind, body and soul. His search for the meaning of life took him to many spiritual places and many spiritual masters. Reading ancient yogic scriptures, studying with many wise Masters, sitting close to the Ganges river in Rishikesh, India (world capital of Yoga); practicing Yoga, meditation and swimming in Ganges became a part of his daily life. During this time, Aman's consciousness expanded and he experienced the ultimate bliss and fulfillment that each soul desires. Aman participated in a 2month residential "Yoga-Vedanta course" at the Sivananda Ashram (Divine life Society) in Rishikesh. Aman also taught Yoga Philosophy at the Yoga Niketan Ashram, here he began instructing students from all over the world, before departing to share his teachings internationally. Now Aman shares the wisdom he acquired from these Masters, his studies, his practice and his spiritual experiences with students across the globe. As western cultures are awakening and have realized that Yoga is not only twisting the body, but includes deeper teachings about all aspects of life. So now again the search for authentic yoga has arisen and Acharya Aman is here to bring and spread authentic yoga and Jyotish to the western cultures. Such authentic Yoga is here to solve modern age issues regarding body, mind, soul and love - it will bring more compassion, love, wisdom, health, and awakening on the planet.

After spending many years in Tokyo, Japan teaching Yoga, Jyotish and Love through his teacher training courses as well as having the opportunity to travel and teach in many other countries of the world, Aman was given Canadian Permanent Residency status. Canada approved Acharya Aman's Self-Employment Visa based on his significant spiritual teachings and authorship. This type of visa is granted for those who have been designated to have special qualifications and skills, in Aman's case his book/s and international recognition as a Yoga and Jyotish teacher have proven him successful and valuable at an international level. Canada recognizes Aman's wisdom and experience and has welcomed him into Canada to support Canadians in relieving suffering and becoming happier, healthier people. His home is now in Vancouver, (beautiful) British Columbia and his goal is to share his wisdom and enrich the lives of those in search of physical, mental, spiritual harmony and bliss. Aman loves the natural beauty in Vancouver and he has chosen Vancouver to be the base from where he runs his activities around the world.

Acharya Aman holds 2 master degrees. The first is in Sanskrit with a major in Indian Philosophy. He received the gold medal from Punjab University Chandigarh in 1994 where he studied all branches of Indian Philosophy - Yoga, Vedanta, Sankhya, Nyaya, Vaisesaka, Mimamsa, Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad-Gita, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism etc. He passed the SLET (State Level Eligibility Test for college lectureship) which allows him to teach at those levels. He then chose to complete an M.B.A in marketing from Amravati University in 1999, his vision was to synchronize the traditional wisdom he had studied with today's modern psychology.

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