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Howard County Boot Camp Fitness Program

My name is Stephanie and I own a company called The Boot Camp Girl (http://www.thebootcampgirl.com (http://www.thebootcampgirl.com/)). My instructors and I teach group personal training boot camp, individual personal training and optional classes (including Strength and Conditioning, Zumba, Abs/Buns and Running/Walking Intervals).

This will be a place for weight loss, to meet new people, exercise and make new friends. There is no cost to be in this Meetup group. This group is for men, women and children who really want to be in better shape and are ready to make a change. Do you need accountability? Are you ready to have someone rip apart your excuses so that you can finally move forward? You may be inactive and want to start exercising or athletic yet wanting to get to the next level.

You probably thought that you couldn’t afford a personal trainer….now you can through boot camp.

By combining strength training, core conditioning, and cardiovascular workouts, I will help you to make your body a fat burning machine through my boot camp program. I will motivate and inspire you with encouragement to achieve your fitness goals. The program is for men, women, and children of all fitness levels.

• Tone up
• Feel good
• Look great
• Lose fat

Become the next success story! Please RSVP as early in advance as possible. CALL NOW 888-968-5665 or email info@thebootcampgirl.com (Stephanie@thebootcampgirl.com) even if you RSVP on this Meetup group.

Options: Glenwood boot camp (near Woodbine & Glenelg), Columbia boot camp (near Laurel), and Clarksville boot camp. No added gym fees.

Check out our website for reviews of the program: http://thebootcampgirl.com/success-stories/ .

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