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We are a small discussion group based in Toronto devoted to understanding, sharing and applying the practice and philosophies of Huayen Buddhism. Although Huayen is considered a distinct school of Buddhism dating back to the seventh century, it is also a rich philosophy that weaves together myriad strands of Buddhist thinking. In fact, one key emphasis in Huayen Buddhism is that the true nature of the entire universe is revealed in everything, no matter how small or seemingly mundane. Through increased openness, awareness, ease of mind and understanding, one can learn to see wisdom in all things and appreciate our surroundings as truly a place to learn, share and grow with others. Our group meets once a month to discuss passages from a selected book devoted to Huayen Buddhism. The aim of this discussion group is first and foremost to share with others what inspires us in what we've read. In addition, it is an opportunty for all of us to realize and to express the simple wisdom found in day to day life, whether at work, in the news, in our homes. Everywhere is an opportunity to apply the insights of Buddhist teachings. This group is ideal for anyone who would like to enrich their spiritual life through deepened awareness and understanding. It is also a friendly environment for stimulating your thoughts and building on the sharings of other members. No matter what the opinion, it has its place in a larger context of open communication. You do not need to be a Buddhist to take part in this group. This teaching has no boundaries and is open to anyone to explore and cultivate spiritual understanding and practice at their own pace. We hope you can join us and share your own journey with us.

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