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We're here to show people how you can *crush* your commute by combining these new, lightweight electric "self-balancing unicycles" with whatever else you do - and show people that they're actually no harder to ride than a bicycle. We'll even teach you to ride on our devices, you don't have to buy one to learn.

Imagine if you could walk 8x faster than normal without breaking a sweat - 15 mph, that's bicycle speed, and go 20 miles on a charge! Now imagine you can take them on the T even at rush hour, they take up 1/4 the space of a folding bike and you don't have to fold them.

We're hoping to also build a community of riders and organize group outings and skills-impmrovement challenges, and maybe even scavenger hunts. In fact we may even stage teams to use them in OTHER scavenger hunts, to show the world that we blow away every other way there is to get around a city.

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