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Prospective members should a) reside somewhere in the Hudson Valley, b) spend an inordinate amount of time devoted to building, buying, modifying, crashing, and flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and c) are running out of buddies to spot your flights.(You live nearby and are devoted to household flying mowers).
It doesn't matter which aspect of drone fun floats your boat: FPV, DIY building, racing, freestyle, photography (and/or videography) or just casual cruising around. Everyone interested is welcome. Same goes for experience level(s); everyone - total beginner to aspiring pro - is, once again, completely welcome.
Though in the beginning (while the group is still in its infancy), meetings will consist of getting together on my reasonably large property and a mix of casual flying and casual social interaction. Once we have more than 4 or 5 members, we'll start planning activities, Q and As, "field trips", etc. Fun stuff based around drones. To kick things off, we'll meet on the first and third Saturday of every month, noonish to three PM. Please RSVP.

[BTW: no drone, but still interested? we'll probably be able to scrounge something up; come anyway.]

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First (for real, this time) Fun Fly & Drone Hang (out)

lucifer allen


lucifer allen

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