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Celtic Music Session, Monday's at 'Provisions', Woodstock NY [Plyrs&Listnrs].
This is the new home for the long running session that for the past 14 years was held at New World Home Cooking in nearby Saugerties. However NWHC is closing and the session had to relocate. Regular members of the session are a tight knit group, with a well established set of favorite tunes. We expect the session to run every Monday night. Music is predominantly Irish, but depending on who is in attendance, the odd Contra, or Québécois tune can be heard, and even some Old Timey songs are possible. If you stay late enough in the evening the singers often predominate and it's the Dead, Beatles, traditional ballad songs or perhaps a few originals from one of the three singer songwriters who are frequently in attendance. Members of the session play in several different combinations at various other venues as the bands, "Spatter the Mud", "The Tradomatics", "The Wild Swans", and several other Trad and Contra bands. It's a very entertaining session for listeners, so we hope you'll join us at the new venue, and support the bar and us by ordering some beer. Session Etiquette applies. Ask Deb, who is the session leader if you can join before sitting in. Be sensitive to all the other players who have kept the session going long before you got there.... :-) No Charge.... More Info: JP

Creekside Grille at Woodstock Golf Club

114 Mill Hill Road · Woodstock, NY

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Hudson Valley - Gardiner NY Irish Music Trad Session Meetup Group

Thanks for joining. The Hudson Valley - Gardiner NY Irish Music Trad Session Meetup Group was created to foster Traditional Irish music in our area by hosting public and private sessions and performances and offering a virtual venue get the word out about Traditional Irish Music events to both [Players] and [Listeners] who are part of our musical community.

From time to time organize and host private House Session Meetups exclusively for [Players]. These are always marked " [Players Only]."

For both Listeners and Players we host and or publicize Traditional Irish Pub Sessions at local venues that are open to the public and free of charge. [Players/Listeners]

Members of the Meetup Perform, and we host those performances as a Meetup for Listeners, and of course any Players who would like to come out and support the performers by joining the audience. [Listeners]*

We will also host Meetup's at other Musical and Arts performance events around the Hudson Valley. [Listeners]*

If you join us as [Listener] please be certain that any particular Meetup is suitable for [Listener] members to attend.

If you join us as an acoustic player of a traditional instrument, and you are interested in playing Traditional Irish Music as well as singing, you will find a friendly reception in this group.

The more you have to share with the rest of us, and the more willing you are to join in the act of passing on the traditions, the more valuable you are to our community.



*Anyone can attend a [Listeners] event. This is a performance, not an opportunity for HVSS Meetup Members to play. However [Players] are welcome to attend.

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