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Hudson Valley History Hikers is a unique Meet Up group that focuses on exploring the wealth of historical places located within the Valley's woodlands and elsewhere. Vanished hamlets, mines, ruined estates, cemeteries, homesteads, farms, forgotten woodland roads, and other unique places will be explored. In addition, the hikes will focus on the diverse natural beauty of the Valley. Mt. views, lakes, streams, vistas, unique woodlands, and even beavers will be sought out. **Full disclosure: This group is meant for EXPERIENCED, COMMITTED hikers who are PASSIONATE about history, nature, and exploration.** The pace will be steady, but not fast or slow. There will be numerous brief pauses for history, nature, or otherwise fascinating encounters. Expect off the beaten path, unmarked trails, off trails, nooks, and crannies. There will be several hikes each season, but not weekly, or bi-weekly. The group's size will ALWAYS be limited. This is because it is impractical to do history pauses, which is a form of outdoor education, for very large typical Meet-Up sized groups. Also, because of regular off trail and bushwhacking, it is unsafe and impractical to have a large group. ***Members who sign up for an event are EXPECTED TO ATTEND*** No- Shows, late changes of rsvp's and a lack of commitment are contrary to what this group is about, and will risk deletion from our group. Liability waiver must be signed at the meet up. Let's go find some cool stuff! Welcome!!

We have only a few rules that have been instigated by Members request. IT IS IMPORTANT TO READ.

OUR ATTENDANCE POLICY: 1. 2 no-shows will result in removal from our group.

2. 3 late cancellations, the day before an event, are akin to no-shows, and will result in removal.

3. Signing up for 5 events, and even if you timely change your rsvp, but never actually attend an event, will result in removal.

Members with an attendance issue may contact the Organizer directly by clicking on his profile, then message.

* My changing rsvp's: I reserve the right to change any Member's rsvp based on a Member's attendance, abilities or past behavior. Also, I will remove anyone from an event if I learn that they have multiple booked themselves on other groups events at the same time. That mentality is contrary to what we're trying to accomplish. If I change an rsvp it's always with the group's best interest in mind and certainly never personal.

* Members who attend an event are expected to stay with the group at all times. It is UNACCEPTABLE to run ahead, lag behind, or separate yourself. History Hikes are group shared experiences.

* Everyone who attends an event is expected to READ ALL THE EVENT"S DESCRIPTION and BE PREPARED, or risk being turned away.

* There are never early outs except for unexpected emergencies.

* A representative profile, with a picture of yourself and name are expected. Non-representative profiles may result in being removed from events, or the group itself.

Upcoming events (1)

Aqueduct and off Aqueduct History Hike. {Socially Responsible}

New probable later finish time. See my comments below. This event is being offered identically on Sunday 8-2 and Saturday 8-15. You may sign for one but not both. If you sign you are expected to attend. If you're on the waitlist and have made other plans you MUST CHANGE YOUR RSVP so others may move up. Please don't block your fellow Members. Attendance is always taken. Suggested donation: $2.00. We meet as soon as you enter the college grounds. Obvious. We have permission to park there. There were port-a-johns at the meetup location last time I was there but don't quote me. No other bathrooms. The group size limit will be reduced compared to pre-covid. All events will be with social responsibility. You are required to have a mask at the ready. You are not required to wear it otherwise. You are required to be mindful of space, including of those coming in the opposite direction. This event has plenty of open space to distant. You are still required to sign the liability waiver form. If you're not comfortable touching it or my pens, bring sanitizer. You are welcome to pass around the numerous laminated pictures that i'll bring. Many Members have hiked the Old Croton Aqueduct but aren't aware of the wonderful history, sometimes hidden, just off of it. We'll explore this history, visible and hidden. We'll begin at Mercy College then see a 1869 church with amazing Tiffany windows, Alexander Hamilton's son's mansion/estate, the very cool hidden ruins of other estates, perhaps a peek from afar at the Belvedere Estate and much more. Who was Madam Walker? Who was Ambrose C. Kingsland? At Lyndhurst, the classic Gothic Castle, Docent extraordinaire Jim Parsons will tell us about it's fascinating history and we'll explore the amazing grounds. BONUS: One lost hidden ruined estate was the home of Vampire Barnabas Collins of the tv show Dark Shadows. Two breaks. Around 10 miles, flat, moderate due to distance and heat. *However, there is some off-trail in somewhat overgrown areas. Not killer bushwhacking, but tangible.* I plan on wearing long pants. Distance and finish time are APPROXIMATIONS ONLY. Never quote me....No early outs, children, guests, pets, runners, beginners, slow pokes. Everyone is expected to keep up and stay wt the group. I reserve the right to change any rsvp based on past attendance issues or other.

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