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Welcome to the Hudson Valley Motorcycle Riders group!

The Hudson Valley Motorcycle Riders group (a.k.a. HVMR) is not just another crowd of riding junkies. We start our rides with a brief safety discussion which includes riding techniques and best practices. This is an interactive group where we share our riding experiences with other members in the hopes of making us better, safer riders.

Valid motorcycle license and insurance are mandatory. Your safety is paramount so protective gear is also required and must include DOT street legal helmet, motorcycle jacket with padding or body armor, motorcycle gloves with some padding and motorcycle riding boots. Prior riding experience would be advantageous in order to help keep everyone together, safe and maintain a steady pace. We are not a race group, nor do we condone triple digit speeds on any public roads.

Our members ride everything from sport bikes to cruisers and adventure bikes. As a group, we ride responsibly and within our limits. We ride in a staggered formation with a leader and a sweeper in the back of the group whenever possible. No one gets left behind; we stop to wait for everyone.

Riding distances range from short excursions less than 100 miles to well over 250-mile day trips, destination and conditions permitting. We will do our best to provide ETAs on the return trips but please plan for delays. All routes are carefully pre-planned and hand-picked, and offer great scenery with a mix of highway and twisty back roads. Stops for gas and food are integral parts of our trips. Most rides start and end in Yonkers in close proximity to major freeways: I-87, Sprain Brook Pkwy, and Bronx Parkway.

This group is ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY rather than THE DESTINATION. However, there will be times when we may opt to visit cool spots like a motorcycle museum, OCC mfg plant, or participate in various fundraisers. Not surprisingly, we will take the most entertaining path to get there. Before committing to the group, please familiarize yourself with our readily accessible past meetups pages to get a feel for our rides. Our trips are anything but boring.

This meetup is focused on building a (small) group of dedicated and active riders. There will be one or two rides scheduled every month (April thru October). If you cannot commit to at least one ride per month, please do not join this group. Members who have missed four consecutive rides can and will be dropped from the group. This rule will be strictly enforced. We just have too many pending membership requests while our group size remains restricted. Membership is currently free but this policy is subject to change at any time. Until then, new membership requests will be entertained based upon availability.

Members must RSVP before each ride. Do not just show up. The organizers must know in advance how many riders are coming and their skill levels to plan the route, destination, food breaks, etc.

Most rides occur on Sundays and are scheduled to begin around 10 am. This is because traffic thickens up much after this time which makes it difficult to get out of town, particularly in a group setting.

Thank you for visiting the site. We look forward to meeting you soon. In the mean time, be safe and remember to ride defensively by always scanning ahead and anticipating other people's mistakes.

Remember to Anticipate and Respond!


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