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Inspired by our favorite Podcast Movie crushers, we welcome all to join us for a movie with a group of enthusiasts then grab a bite afterwards and discuss. If you aren’t listening to the podcast movie crushers it’s ok. But give it a try. I am new to organizing, once I get some interest I will setup some dates and times. If you are fans of the podcast movie crushers super bonus. These will be public meetings only.

Also all members must answer Chucks 5 questions.

1. What is the first movie you remember seeing in a theatre?

2. First R rated movie you saw, and did your parents allow it?

3. Will you walk out of a bad movie?

4. What scene/or performance do you wish you could have been in?

5. Whats you rmovie going ritual, Where do you sit what do you eat etc.?

Past events (5)

Friday night at the drive in

Warwick Drive-In

Avengers End Game

Showtime Cinemas LLC

Glass at Showtime Newburgh Cinema, then Food

Showtime Cinemas LLC

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