What we're about

Interested in lucid dreaming, or an active oneironaut (dream explorer), and seeking a community of like-minded individuals?

In this experimental circle we convene, share dreams / lucid experiences / OOBEs, and discuss induction techniques, literature, spiritual topics, and the like.
A major theme of this group is critically discussing different perspectives and trying to find some truth in all the "supposed" claims and "experts," through the filter of what did and didn't work for us and how. Group is centered in safe-space guidelines (bellow) and is intended to create a forum for spiritual and technical growth of members.
In the future, I think it'd be nice to get guest speakers or spiritual/dream-focused practitioners from a variety of different backgrounds (psychology, shamanic, vedic, religious, spiritual, eastern, western, etc.) to come do talks or presentations, and do "book club" for literary materials in this genre. What do you think?

Safe Space Rules:
Events are free, nonjudgmental and all are welcome
Events are substance-free
Events are PG13. Ok to discuss anything, but for sensitive topics (e.g. sexual, violent) no vivid details please
Confidentiality. No discussing other peoples' dreams or discussion outside of the circle in a way that could personally identify them.

Personal note:
My name is Cem, and for many years, I've had on-and-off interest in lucid dreaming. I want to evolve my interest into a true spiritual practice, and I think that the aspects that've been missing for me, and perhaps also some of you, are twofold: 1) need for a mentor/guide, and 2) need for a mutual help community centered around this practice. I started a meetup called "beacon young adults healthy and spiritual social," which to my surprise was more a hit than I'd anticipated. And so, I've decided to take a gambit at sparking a community, and if anything, gauging interest. Sometimes, when you really want something, you just need to put it out there to manifest something, so the underlying intention is much in this vein. I have no particular format or idea in mind and am completely open to suggestion and dialogue.

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