Sumner Huey Spheres - Business Growth Strategies



What We Do: Mentoring, Problem Solving, Strategy, Execution and Support, for Professionals, Businesses & Organizations.

Our Mission: To provide a home where individuals and organizations can connect, grow and achieve their greatest success in a stable forum. To build each group locally and connect members regionally and nationally to a growing organic network based on deeply developed relationships on both a personal and professional level.

Our Unique Value Proposition: Huey Spheres utilizes proprietary personal and professional development tools, technology, exercises and the interaction promoted in our agenda to achieve results. You will absorb both the soft-skill talents and combine them with real world techniques to better yourself, your organization and overall desired accomplishments.

Your Investment: There is no monetary charge here! We promote the idea of people investing their time, attention, knowledge and commitment in each other, to grow organically through trusted relationships and in-depth understanding of what each of us do. Networking, Referrals, Strategic Partnerships and Opportunities are direct results of strong, positive and engaged relationships.