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With Colorado now lifting shelter in place we will be resuming events. We are going to ask that everyone take certain precautions for these game days though. We ask that you only touch and use your own models, dice, and tape measures. We also ask that everyone wears at least some type of cloth facial covering. This is as much for your protection as it is for others. Finally we will be limiting these to 6 people with no multiplayer games, to keep people spread out. If you have any thoughts concerns or questions please feel free to let Alian or I know and we will get to them as soon as we can. Thanks and stay safe! We are starting a discord for people to play various games together on, and talk about 40k too. Join using this link


This link does sometimes expire so feel free to ask for an invite via e-mailing me or Alian

Welcome to Hugs 4 Harlequins, we are a friendly group focusing primarily on Warhammer 40k game nights. Other events possible based on interest. The wife and I have started this group as a way to find like minded people to share the hobby with, while also introducing new players to 40k. We have been playing for just 2-3 years now, and are open to anyone be they are long time vet who grumbles about the old days or a new rookie. Our group currently has 3 tables to play on complete with gaming mats and terrain. We also have some community armies for people to learn with if they aren't sure about 40k yet. Skill wise you will find people who are just starting to people who like to play competitive games attending events like LVO.
We ask that you try to get a base coat on your models and hopefully another color at your earliest convenience, it won't upset anyone if you play with bare plastic models, its just a way of encouraging people to paint.

We generally meet on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month the second being mostly a game day and 4th saturday being open for hobby work or games.

Disclaimer: While we are open to players of all age we do ask anyone under 16 be accompanied by a parent/guardian. There is often people enjoying a beer, so this is a notice for parents. We will not however allow anyone underage to have any alcohol.

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40k Game Day

Needs a location

40k game day using 9th edition rules and points, for those more experienced bring your[masked]k lists and as always for any one newer to the game bring what you feel you are able to play comfortably, and some one will be happy to match you.

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40k Game Day

Needs a location

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