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The Human Activation community redefines what meditation means in our modern society.

Modern Meditation - A state of being that is induced through an individual's intention, not through the suggestion of others, but from the source of desire; a desired experience for a specific purpose, whether that would be relaxation, clarity, healing, recalibration, or an absolute open-endedness for discovery

We provide the space, as well as the conditions, through sound vibration and other atmospheric aids, to accelerate the desired self inducement.

We cannot lead where we will not go, we cannot teach what we do not know. Through our intellectual technology used in our personal development process, our core leadership group actively applies practical success principles into their daily routine to create a more authentic and fulfilled life.

Our intention is to bring attention to the simple techniques that have transformed our lives. These tools have allowed us to be more aligned with our heart and happier in general! We can see the profound ripple effects produced by daily application of the process.

Through our cultural agreements, core values, and empowerment technology, we trust the idea of activating human potential will grow!

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Sound Bath Crystal Ashram Meditation in Springfield, VA

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