What we're about

In short, we are meeting with former grad. students and a new professor arrival to a local university and other concerned folks about our difficult and perhaps promising world. As noted in the first meetup announcement, this came about in large part through a number of my former graduate students about the need to dialogue / polylogue about certain events in our world over the past few weeks [e.g., Philando Castile; Alton Sterling; Dallas Police officers (unnamed); Orlando, and so forth]. I'll supply a couple of libations for all of us; there are easy to purchase snacks / dinner in either Bristol Farms / Chumas Factory, Yogurt Land (mmmmm!), and other very nearby eats. Please drop me a line before every meetup so I may get the right size table together.

In our few couple of sessions, I have heard about combinations of pain, feeling and 'logics.' We are all doing our best to make it a safe place to speak our truths responsibly and with deep and growing respect for each other. As co-facilitator, I am not encouraging agreement (noting my own biases quickly emerge), rather the opportunities for us to hear ourselves and others and hopefully grow as community members around issues of race, community and policing.