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Do you dream about traveling the in different parts of the world under your own power rather than a tour bus or a car? Meet with people who like adventures around the world with most of the trip under their own power. We do self directed Bicycle/Kayak/Canoe and Hiking tours in various parts of the Pacific NW as well as around the world. It's a great way to meet people and experience foriegn cultures. We try and have at least one local and one foriegn trip each month. Our trips are as varied as a bicyle ride through the Cascades and Coastal Range and Williamette Valey in Oregon, or a Bicycle tour along the path from Pittsburgh to DC, or a kayaking tour through the San Jaun Islands in Washington, or a bicycle tour through France and Germany. You need to RSVP for a planned trip as well as purchase your own transportation to the start and home from the finish.

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Explore Angkor Wat in Cambodia
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

I frequently travel to SE Asia for business, and have decided that I would like to explore the area a bit more. I expolred the island of Borneo a few months back, and before I select a date to explore Angkor Wat, I want to see if anyone in the group is interested in going. I'm guessing that I could go for 3-5 days. The only significant expense would be the airfare, as food, lodging, ground transportation and admission charges are pretty darn inexpensive there. I would probably bring a bicycle to get around and can bring an extra. Let me know if you're interested.

General Expenses: upscale lodging runs about $25-$35/night, these places usually include a pool, and have AC.

Food, figure $10-$15 per day.

Temple pass - $20/day

Bicycle rental - $2-$6/day if you rent one there, nothing if we bring one.

Tuk/Tuk or Taxi - won't need one if we bicycle.

Airfare - depends where you are coming from. I plan to fly into Siem Reap, it's pretty cheap from Bangkok or Kuala Lampur on Air Asia - less than $300 r/t. From Seattle it runs between $1100 and $1600 r/t

You can also fly into Phnom Phen

and take a bus or a boat but you'll need a full day each way.

Other items to make sure you address:

Mosquito repelent, Dengue Fever is fairly common, avoiding bites is the best prevention, long sleeves, a bug net over your bed, DEET. Malaria is more common further out of town than we are likely to go.

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