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    Joined Dec 27, 2017
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    Joined Jun 27, 2014
    Moved to Ventura last year, love it! Can't wait to find even more activities, communities, and friends.
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    Joined Feb 2, 2014
    I'm an over-educated self-employed professional in Ventura, who lives a very non-conventional life aboard my sailboat in Ventura Harbor. I enjoy many outdoor activities and most of all, opportunities to have intelligent conversation.
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    Joined Apr 12, 2013
    Hi. My name is Scott.
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    I am introverted, book-loving and environmentally-friendly. I am a mom and preschool teacher. I love to read but don't have as much time for it as I'd like.
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    Hi, I'm Steve and I've lived in Newbury Park for 15 years. I heard about this group from Paul on a hike along part of the Backbone Trail.
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    My name is Paul and I live in Newbury Park. Enjoy hiking and being around like-minded people (among many other things).
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    Joined Nov 13, 2012
    I am 30 years old and have lived here most of my life. I have a master's in urban planning, but can't find a job. I've been suffering from depression in recent years due to a failed relationship and dwindling social circle, among many other things.
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    I'm a co-organizer and committed to building a strong non-religious community!
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    I have been involved with secular groups for decades. I'm more about building bridges, than burning 'em. I like to find common ground, and create more light than heat in discussing difficult problems that we face individually or as a society.