Help those with criminal backgrounds get jobs


MAY 1st 7pm SINGLE EVENT WITH HUGE IMPACT – activism like no other!
At the Celeste center on the Ohio State Fairgrounds

1) Helping those with criminal backgrounds re-integrate by getting jobs
People with criminal backgrounds have a very hard time getting work once they’ve paid their debt to society. We ( ) are working with BREAD for the city of Columbus to help them get jobs.
BREAD is working with council woman Elizabeth Brown on an ordinance for the city to give priority to vendors who hire those with criminal backgrounds.

2) Helping some impoverished areas and workers who are difficult to hire
There are also impoverished areas of the city with high unemployment (like the linden and hilltop areas). BREAD is researching creating worker owned coops in these areas – like the successful coops in Cleveland (the evergreen coops). Worker owned coops work well for this because many of these people have had bad relations with authority and being part of the ownership in a coop is a great way to mend that.

The B.R.E.A.D. Organization (Building Responsibility Equality And Dignity) has a great track record of putting pressure on local legislators to make significant local changes.
HCCO worked with them in 2014 on local mental health and we are working with them again on Jobs in 2017.

Jobs is one of 4 campaigns BREAD is working on this year. The others are OneId Columbus, Juvenile Justice (alternative program for first offenders), Crime campaign.

The big deal event is May 1st – it’s similar to a protest and is where BREAD gets the power to work with legislators.
We get about 2,000 people to meet on May 1st in a building at the fairgrounds, at a widely publicized event with press coverage. Legislators agree to meet on stage where they go on record regarding the issues being discussed.

There are many meetings with legislators and much researching leading up to this meeting but the May 1st meeting is the one we need EVERYONE at. This is a ticketed event but is free. You must RSVP to come.

Now, ( is a secular group and BREAD is an interfaith group and HCCO is a small part of the group. We (HCCO) are getting in through the First Unitarian Universalist church. Be prepared for a lot of “God” language but certainly don’t hide who you are (a secular person), in fact wear your HCCO tee shirt to the event please.

IMPORTANT - in your ticket, be sure to write, in the congregation space - "First UU HCCO". If you don't fill it out this way it won't count for HCCO (but it still will help with the cause of jobs) - but we want both counts :)

There are three entrances. I will try to be at the south entrance to the Celeste center and will be wearing my blue HCCO tee shirt. When you come in from 17th Ave and park, you will be on the East side of the building... all the entrances are on the opposite (West side). The south entrance is the one furthest from 17th Ave.

It looks like you can get your tickets at the door rather than just from me but again, if you do, be sure to fill in "First UU HCCO" for congregation or HCCO doesn't get credit for bringing people.

Parking is free. The event ends at 8:30 but you can leave early if you need to (I think the press takes crowd pictures more towards the start, which is 7pm).