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Humanists Melbourne is a place for humanists to meet in Melbourne, Australia. We welcome all freethinkers, including atheists, agnostics, secularists, rationalists and progressive religious.

Humanism is a way of life that values human flourishing, freedom and the pursuit of knowledge. Humanists accept that we are responsible for our own futures and that this life is the only life we have. It is up to all of us to make the most of it and to help others do the same. Humanists inspire us to use our power of reason and our natural feeling of compassion to help create a better world in which each of us can reach our full potential. This Meetup is supported by Humanists Victoria (Humanist Society of Victoria Inc.) at vichumanist.org.au

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Humanity Futures in the Anthropocene

Balwyn Library

Over the past two decades, the concept of the Anthropocene has increasingly been adopted by Earth System scientists as an effective way of communicating about the nature and scale of humanity's impacts on the planet. Josh Floyd will open the evening by providing a brief introduction to the Anthropocene concept. In conjunction with his Rescope Project colleague Keith Badger, he will then lead a conversation with attendees on what the Anthropocene means for the future pathways available to humanity and the implications for living well in the face of increasing global dilemmas. Bio: Josh Floyd is Energy, Systems and Society Fellow at The Rescope Project. His work is motivated by a desire to support viable futures for human societies in the face of increasingly severe co-consequences resulting from our species' staggering material achievements. Josh worked previously as a mechanical engineer in the development and commercialisation of metallurgical processing technology, experiencing first-hand the dilemmas attending this economic success. We appreciate a gold coin donation at the door. See Humanists Victoria Upcoming Events schedule at https://vichumanist.org.au/events/

Climate Emergency: Facing Extinction and What to Do About It - Jane Morton

As the earth heats up and tipping points pass, scientists are warning we risk the collapse of ecosystems and the deaths of billions of people. But our political system is broken, the mainstream media are not fully informing us about the dangers we face and our leaders are failing to protect us. It's time to work together to move society into emergency mode and initiate the unprecedented speed and scale of change required to restore a safe climate. Bio: Jane Morton helped bring the Extinction Rebellion to Australia and led the campaign that resulted in the first council in the world declaring a climate emergency. A clinical psychologist by profession, Jane went into semi-retirement six years ago to focus her efforts on campaigning on the climate emergency. She is the author of Don’t Mention the Emergency?, a ground-breaking booklet on climate messaging. We appreciate a gold coin donation at the door. See Humanists Victoria Upcoming Events schedule at https://vichumanist.org.au/events/ Room 1, Balwyn Library, 336 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn, Victoria

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