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Because of the current state of the world (global inequality, 2 billion in absolute poverty, ability to easily move money/resources, technology that allows us to research the effectiveness of interventions) we in the developed world have a uniquely huge opportunity to do good to save lives and to prevent suffering. Almost no humans who have existed in the generations prior to us will have had so much power to help others. And it is plausible that no generation following will be able to achieve so much good.

By using reason and rational thinking the humanist atheist and secularist communities are ideal candidates for effective altruism. This will also bring a positive image to the growing movement of secularism in the UK and Europe in general.

Helping is not only an option but an actual duty once you understand the world's problems. A short way to but it is that right now you have a good life with some luxuries. What you can have is a good life, lose some (or most if you are ambitious) of the luxuries and in the meantime help save lives, stop suffering and solve some of the world's biggest problems.

Though socialising will be part of this group the focus will always be on charities, volunteering and donating. The purpose is to disseminate this kind of information and to create a community of humanists, secularists and atheists that get together to do something else other than debate about religion and become of some use to the world. We hope to gather members from all the different social groups for atheists and humanists around London but we also hope to bring anyone to the cause that is willing to help. So be prepared to set aside differences for the greater good. We are also looking for partnerships with these existing groups and hope to create a broad network of people willing to help out.

We encourage anyone who is willing to become involved in effective altruism to join regardless your beliefs. The ability to work together is the very thing that makes us human and we will make sure that you will be greeted in a warm way and made comfortable as a member of our group.

So please join us in trying to become an organised force for good.

If you have any suggestions as to the themes or the location of future meetups please do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your interest and your help.

For more information please have a look at Peter Singer's TED talk on Effective Altruism:

Or (quite obviously) Google Effective Altruism to find out more about the movement.

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