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Apr 7, 2019

Why do you think Humanism is important to to the future of the Human species?

If we humans can't accept that we create our own purpose and design our own social mores we will continue to fall prey to dogmas which indulge our mental laziness at the expense of failing to maximize human fulfillment and collaboration.

What aspect of culture or politics would you most like to see Humanism involved in? Which the least

Humanism deserves to be the driving principle behind all of our culture and politics, but the most important immediate need would be improving our sense of connectedness across political and philosophical grounds. Once we all feel connected in terms of our shared humanity, we should be able to sort out the smaller disagreements.

What global social or environmental issue concerns you the most?

Better universal representative government and climate change both are very high priorities and are intertwined in terms of solutions and problems.