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I am in the most amazing chapter of my life bring intuition art healing socializing and humanitarian efforts together under various roofs with the sole intention of helping people feel connected to what is there soul's purpose .The process of Art brings your subconscious awareness into conscious reality .Everyone can paint draw and connect to there higher self .This setting Nottingham Gallery is beautiful opulent posh and very inviting .My other Roof is Divine your power a place where art is displayed prominently and healing is focused on your philosophy of healing the small pieces of good food and water exercise spiritual awareness to the greater awareness of what is your soul expressing .

My cause is Jessie's place a non profit supporting the Rwanda Africa Genocide Survivors .When you give one dollar to this charity one dollar lands in Africa .One of the Promises I grew up with was that if I really understood how the holocaust occurred it would never happen again.I have studied the history read the books met the survivors and helped heal the men and woman who served in this war .The tragic story is that Genocide has continued repeatedly .The Rwanda People have done the most amazing thing they have recovered .I have the great Honor of hanging the art of the genocide survivors on the walls of Nottingham Gallery so everyone can see how Humanitarians can change the world through awareness and understanding and ART .You see when you paint you love again .Join me through attendance prayer and conscious awareness ,Together we make changes happen and see the miracles ,With my sincere devotion Suzanne Wyman a single person standing up for change for a humanitarian cause one piece of art at a time

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