What we're about

Humans are already divine! There’s no right button to press or prayer to fulfill to be included in Divine Life! Sexual or sex preference, religious affiliation, ethnic origin or any other category do not equal divine or not divine. ALL human beings are divine, beautiful, important. Including you.

And divinity is not the boring drab of a Sunday service, or the out-of-touch weirdness of the new age guru. It’s the very life and energy that makes our normal, everyday life fulfilling, satisfying and full of happiness and rightness.

This group is for those who enjoy humanity and divinity, normal things and spiritual things, deep conversation over your new favorite beer, reflecting on life with down to earth people during a challenging hike, you get the idea. Actually, we can talk about or do anything we want!

Connection to like minded people is important. You can’t do life on your own... Won’t work! And you can’t do life with controlling people. This group is meant for connection and community, not blind following and herd mentality. Be yourself, and let others do the same, because our divinity shines when we are true to ourselves.

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