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Humble Gathering rpg is a group designed to facilitate a meetup for mature gamers. All games are welcome. As the original host, the meetup will gravitate around dnd. I will also be running Gamma World and Kult. Any RPG is of course welcome if the meetup acquires other GMs and venues. In person gatherings at the original host venue will feature crafted props and a variety of minis to choose from. The venue will be in Upper Darby, PA, and I am hoping to build a foundation of "older" gamers in the area.

Roll playing games are about having fun through a creative experience that has some parameters to work within. I believe some restrictions and boundaries are suited to facilitate creativity, as opposed to an open-end, free-for-all that lacks continuity. This meetup is not intended to attract power gamers, cell-phone addicts, rule fanatics, or unearthed arcanists, to name a few. Rather it is intended to gather more senior gamers who care very little about the concept of "winning," but appreciate value in the experience of creating epic events, horrific encounters, and hilarious memories.

If you consider yourself a senior-experienced gamer with similar feelings you should join to help build this Humble Gathering.

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